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Thursday, January 18, 2007

# 93 FDA - Cancer and Vitamin C Tests ( updated 1-19-07 )

The good, the bad and the fake. Or perhaps I should say the manipulated. In the Chicago Tribune, January 1 1, 2007, an article stated:
"FDA OKs trial on vitamin C for Cancer" .
Based on my type of research, many prior cancer trials were highly manipulated, to prevent favorable results with using alternative methods for oncologic medical care. The one ray of hope here, is the company doing the trials. That company is "Cancer Treatment Centers of America". CTCA is a privately held for-profit company, with much to gain, if successful. "Cancer Treatment Centers' facilities differ from most cancer care centers in that they provide traditional inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy and surgical care, as well as non-traditional services such as acupuncture, massage and nutrition therapies." I must admit that I have not checked out this company. For the sake of many cancer patients, I hope these cancer "trials" are successful. What this company will be doing, is, "studying the potential of intravenous vitamin C as a cancer treatment". From what I have read, this is already an "underground successful" protocol in "alternative medicine". The only down side of the story is, who will be receiving this trial protocol, and I quote "only patients who have exhausted all other conventional treatment options are eligible to receive the therapy". From other research reading, and as I see it, and to put it more bluntly, if the orthodox medical profession has given up hope for you, then and only then, do you qualify for this type of trial protocol. That is sad. The only mitigating factor here, would be, for a while, an improved quality of remaining life for these patients. Statistically speaking, and without hard numbers to back it up, only 20% will actually overcome their cancer, under these harsh conditions. Even this is a step forward, as, these, first FDA approved trial protocols, legitimately conducted, by a private company, will prove, to be beneficial in the long run.The FDA confirmed Cancer Treatment Centers' investigational new drug application, but would not comment further.Some more blunt talk here, don't give up hope, there are many protocols available that can be beneficial. These are mentioned in other posts, on this blog, that you might want to check out.From what I have read, ones emotional level, is of the utmost importance when fighting any major illness. For this, you might want to check out the postings, about EFT, on this blog.
I managed to loose the source for the following , it was to be a companion article to the above. It was to relate the costs currently involved for cancer treatment. There were no figures shown for the vitamin C trials mentioned above, that would eventually reach the user. But the info I misplaced, showed that Avastin sales would reach SEVEN BILLION dollars a year ,by the year 2009. One years supply of Avastin for cancer treatment, is $100,000.00, Depending on ones insurance , their cost would range from $10,000 to $20,000 a year. What I found with research, was that the ones life span could be extended by three to six months with the new therapy! With use of the Vitamin C therapy, costs would not even get near the amounts shown for Avastin, and more importantly, could actually rid one of the cancer, without taking ones life. From what I read, if a tumor is reduced in size with conventional cancer treatment, ( even if the patient died ) it is considered a success! What ones does not get told is that tumors are actually 80 % to 90% normal, but rapidly growing cells, and the remaining 10% to 20% of the cells cancerous. From what I've have further read, is that chemo and radiation, are very effective in also destroying normal cells. So as I see it, if all this is true, "many non-cancerous cells" are destroyed, with only a small percentage of the "cancerous cells' being destroyed. Naturally the tumor would be reduced under these conditions. Check it out, in the book "Cancer- Step Outside The Box", if you are coping with a cancer condition.

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