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Thursday, January 04, 2007

# 88 Angels Don't Play This HAARP

Would be interesting to have health statistics, that date from the inception of programs of this nature. Hope some one does pick up on doing so. A side effect of programs of this nature, as I see it, but unable to verify, is that that all living matter, is being, slowly, genetically altered, by these processes. The effect, of the mentioned "side effect", is what you are seeing and reading about everyday. Mostly, all negative things, about health and violence throughout the world.Think and argue this all you want, but do give it deep thought.

Angels Don't Play This HAARP

This interesting Google video describes a massive radio-transmitter in Alaska operated by the Department of Defense known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). In this video, you will visit the installation and hear government officials explain how it can be used as a powerful weapon directed against any point on the globe, how it can be used for modifying the weather, and how safe and wonderful it is.
But you will also hear from experts -- including scientists who designed the system -- that it can be used to alter human brainwaves to cause whole populations to become confused, passive, or ill.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
In the book Trust Us We're Experts, the authors pull together some compelling data describing the science of creating public opinion in America. They trace modern public influence back to the early part of the last century, highlighting the work of guys like Edward L. Bernays, the Father of Spin. Bernays took the ideas of his famous uncle Sigmund Freud himself, and applied them to the emerging science of mass persuasion.
It's important not to unthinkingly trust what you hear, whether the information comes from the government, from a corporation, or from another source.
Do your own research, listen to all sides, and come to your own conclusions.
The U.S. government has certainly covered up information throughout history, including the dangers of mercury in vaccines and the risks of aspartame. But does that mean the information presented in this video is all true? Not necessarily. If you're concerned about this issue, look for more sources of information, and get the full story.
You should take control of your own mind, just as you should take control of your own health.
On Vital Votes, Dr. Matthew Loop from Lilburn, Georgia is worried by the implications of HAARP:
"As quantum physics and electromagnetic science have confirmed, HAARP makes it possible to control the human brain, modify the weather, and perform many other 'Star Wars' tasks! This is pretty frightening if you are aware of all the propaganda that is spread from Big Brother on a regular basis. We are told, in a similar fashion like the children that were sprayed with DDT years ago, that this technology is harmless. As a student of science, I'm not convinced!"
However, Mac from Coventry, Connecticut is not convinced:
"I don't know why HAARP is getting all this attention. Just a cursory look at the information available turns up many ionospheric heaters around the world, some just as powerful as HAARP ... I suspect a combination of Alaskans having an issue with this site operating for local reasons, then the 'Area 51 trilateral commission' fans join in, and Hollywood money and media attention makes it a powerful story. But as far as I can tell that's just what it is: a story."
Other responses to this article can be viewed at Vital Votes, and you can add your own thoughts or vote on comments by first registering at Vital Votes.
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