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Saturday, December 30, 2006

# 87 "One Answer To Cancer" a book review

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Extracted from One Answer to Cancer By Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

*Chapter 1*
What is Cancer?
Cancer is a term used to classify a fast growing malignant tumor, which, if allowed to grow unchecked, will cause death.
Many clinicians have the mistaken belief that cancer is complex; a number of different diseases, each having its own cause. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Most doctors, even the research scientists, suppose such things as viruses, X-rays, cigarette smoking, chemicals, sunlight, trauma, etc. cause cancer. These, sometimes, are an indirect cause.
The Direct Cause of Cancer is The Changing of an Ectopic Germ Cell into an Ectopic Trophoblast Cell
The direct cause of cancer, according to our research, is the changing of an ectopic germ cell into an ectopic trophoblast cell. An excess of female sex hormones brings about this change. Both men and women have male and female sex hormones. When this delicate male-female sex hormone balance is upset, cancer may start.
Let me explain this a little further. In the human life cycle, the male sperm unites with the female egg. Now if this fertilized egg would grow directly into a new baby, we would have no cancer or cancer problems, but nature does not act so simply and directly, for if she did, the newly formed embryo (baby) would fall out of the uterus. Therefore, nature had to develop some way to attach the new embryo to the wall of the uterus and some way to nourish (feed) it.
After the sperm in the fallopian tube of the m fertilizes the egg the fertilized egg gives rise to three basic kinds of cells:
Primitive germ cells
Normal body or somatic cells
Trophoblast cells
By the third day the fertilized egg has fallen into the uterus. During those three days and for many days thereafter, the trophoblast cells (cancer cells) are growing very rapidly and surround the two types of cells (primitive germ cells, and normal body or somatic cells).
The new baby will fall out of the uterus unless something happens fast, and happen it does. The trophoblast cells metastasize (as cancer does) to the wall of the uterus. Now the baby cannot fall out of the m’s uterus, but needs nourishment. The trophoblast cells (cancer cells) continue to grow rapidly and form the placenta. Now with a good food supply and no danger of falling out of the m, the baby (embryo) can continue to grow, safe and sound, until birth.
The placental trophoblast tissue (cancer mass) continues to grow until about the seventh week when the baby’s pancreas develops.
The baby’s pancreatic enzyme production along with the m’s pancreatic enzyme production stops the growth of the placental trophoblastic tissue.
As the new embryo (baby) is being formed from the normal body or somatic cells, the primitive germ cells (pre-placenta cells) are multiplying. In a few days, when the embryo (baby) develops to the proper stage, the primitive germ cells stop multiplying and begin to migrate to the gonads (ovaries or testes).
There are about three billion of these primitive germ cells that fatigue and never have the vital force necessary to reach the gonads. This means that there are two germ cells for every area the size of a pinhead dispersed throughout your body. Any one of these germ cells is a potential cancer. That is why cancer can form in any part of the body. All that is needed to create cancer in our body is a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, an imbalance of sex hormones and the embryonic destiny of a basic germ cell to form a placenta in preparation for the creation of a baby. The imbalance of sex hormones can take place at any time, but usually it occurs between 45 and 60 years of age.
When all is said and done, cancer is a normal growth of tissue (a placenta) due to the development of a basic germ cell in the wrong place (outside of the uterus). Sometimes this placenta also has a "baby" or begins a tumor inside of it much like a normal pregnancy - only it is in the wrong place. (When dissecting tumors Pathologists often find partially formed teeth, toenails and types of tissue, such as lung tissue, within the tumors.)
Malignancy, therefore, is never normal (somatic) tissue gone into wild proliferation, but a normal primitive germ cell growing normally in the wrong place.
Physiology of Cancer
I would like to share with you my concept of the physiology of cancer. In order for you to comprehend my concept let me give you a little background by reviewing with you Pellagra and Diabetes.
Pellagra Can Be Controlled WithA Diet Containing B Vitamins
For years patients were placed in insane asylums because they had the simple deficiency disease called Pellagra. In 1916 Dr. Joseph Goldberger found that diet could prevent this condition, but it was not until the 1940’s that it was discovered that Pellegra was nothing more than a simple B vitamin deficiency. Now no knowledgeable physician would commit such a patient, but rather give him B vitamins.
What is Pellagra? It is a symptom of a general systemic condition. For centuries only the symptoms were treated - now we know better.
Diabetes Can Be Controlled ByDiet, Insulin, or a Combination of Both
What is diabetes? It is nothing more than a symptom. It is a symptom that tells us that our systemic carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism is not functioning properly. Before insulin the great physicians stood by and wrung their hands helplessly.
Before the discovery of insulin by professor Ernest L. Scott in 1911 and until the early 1930’s, when a person was diagnosed as having diabetes, they would often ask the doctor if their condition could be helped or made worse by what they were eating and should they change their diet in any way? The doctor would tell them: "Oh no, diet doesn’t make any difference - eat anything you want, you aren’t going to live much longer anyway, so live it up and eat whatever you want." Doctors couldn’t connect the diet and diabetes. Even lay people in those days figured out that if you ate a lot of leafy green vegetables and reduced the amount of sugar you took in, you survived longer and did well - at least better than the person who didn’t watch his diet.
And so it was that after the development of insulin, doctors figured out that there is a factor in diet. In the early 1920s there weren’t very good analytical facilities available. But the doctors empirically found that the people who ate green leafy vegetables, and a few foods, survived diabetes much better and the sugar count in their urine was much better. They had a saying in the medical community at that time that leafy, green vegetables contained "natural insulin." It wasn’t actually the truth, but they became aware of the fact that including these vegetables in the diet did play a role and they were trying to explain it.
We’re in the same situation now with cancer. Someday, in the near future, it will dawn on the medical community that diet does make quite a difference in people with cancer, and greatly affects health in general. It can’t happen too soon. When it does, a lot of lives will be saved and a lot of lives will be lived more healthfully.
Eighty-Six Percent of All Cancers Could Be Controlled and/or Prevented By Diet and Pancreatic Enzymes
At least 86% of all cancer conditions could be adequately treated and/or prevented by diet and pancreatic enzymes.
Cancer is a symptom of inadequate and deficient protein metabolism. The real problem is protein metabolism, not cancer. Cancer is only a symptom telling those who would listen that their protein metabolism is in very serious trouble. Surgery, radiation and chemapy only treat the symptoms of cancer.
One hundred years ago Dr. John Beard at the University of Edinburgh discovered that the body’s primary mechanism for destroying cancer is contained in pancreatin, a secretion from the pancreas that includes enzymes for digesting protein (among things). Enzymes digest or liquefy foods for absorption by the body. Dr. Beard presented pictures in his books and papers to show recoveries using pancreatin. This was an unprecedented approach to treating the symptoms of cancer - a direct attack on the malignancy with a substance that did not have toxic side effects on the functions of the body.
Dr. Howard Beard (no relation) of Fort Worth, Texas has contributed considerably to the understanding and use of pancreatic enzymes in the treatment of cancer. He and researchers indicated that where cancer is concerned trypsin and particularly chymotrypsin are the important enzymes in pancreatin. Dr. Beard also recommended a nutritional program and things, as stated in his book: A New Approach to Cancer, Rheumatic, and Heart Diseases.
Cancer Compared to Diabetes
Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to inadequate production or utilization of insulin. Cancer is a disorder of protein metabolism due to inadequate production or utilization of protein digesting enzymes.
Insulin is produced in the pancreas. Protein digesting enzymes are produced in the pancreas.
A neurological process controls insulin production. A neurological process controls enzyme production.
Diabetes can often be controlled by diet alone. Cancer can often be controlled by diet alone.
Diabetes can almost always be controlled by the proper dosage of insulin. Cancer can almost always be controlled by proper dosage of protein digesting enzymes.
A diabetic patient can live a long useful life and never die as the result of diabetes. A cancer patient can live a long and useful life and never die as the result of cancer.
A diabetic patient must control his diabetes the rest of his life by diet or medication or a combination of both. A Cancer patient must control his cancer the rest of his life by diet and protein digesting enzymes.
The diabetic patient and the cancer patient alike must seek professional help to determine and regulate the condition, but it is up to the individual to administer to himself the proper diet and missing medication and/or supplements.
The Four Laws of Cancer
You cannot have cancer unless three factors are present.
These three factors are:
The presence of an ectopic germ cell
The stimulating presence of the female sex hormones
A deficiency of active pancreatic enzymes
First Law:
The Body Fails to Produce an Adequate Amount of Active Pancreatic Enzymes for One of Three Reasons:
83% - Overworking the pancreas by the intake of too much protein
10% - Neurological injury to pancreatic enzyme production
7% - Malfunction of body chemistry inactivating the enzymes
Second Law:
Protein Is Gradually Sapped from Muscles
Our research indicates that in 93% of all cancer cases the development of cancer is gradual. The average cancer patient has had cancer 39 months before it is clinically diagnosed. The important factor here is not that it is slow growing, but rather what happens to the body during this growth time - the body must have protein to live, but during this 39 months the body could not get enough protein from its food supply. Therefore, to keep the blood protein at a minimal level to sustain life, the body very gradually saps or destroys the muscles of the body.
Third Law:
Damaged Tissue and Female Hormones at the Site of a Latent, Misplaced Ectopic Germ Cell Set the Scene for Cancer
At this point the conditions are ripe for the symptom cancer to develop. All that is needed is something to stimulate the female sex hormone formation at the site of a misplaced ectopic germ cell. This is most often done by scar formation caused by a blow, a bruise, a drop of tar in the lung, a sun burn, an overdose of X-ray, or anything else that can cause a normal scar formation procedure to take place in the body - at the site of a latent ectopic germ cell. This is normal wear and tear of the body, which happens to each of us every day; it is only when our protein metabolism is deficient that the symptom cancer develops.
Now the ectopic germ cell mistakenly thinks it is time to have a baby and starts growing a placenta (cancer) in preparation for a baby that never develops. The only trouble is, without proper amounts of pancreatic enzymes circulating in our bloodstream to dissolve this abnormal placenta, it keeps growing and does not stop. When the patient finally consults the physician the condition of cancer is announced and surgery, radiation and chemapy are recommended.
Fourth Law:
For Cancer To Be Cured There Must Be A Positive Change In The Physiology Of The Patient
If nothing changes in the physiology of the patient, the cancer grows until it destroys the body. If something positive changes in the physiology of the patient one of two things can happen:
One person with cancer lasts a long time while an person with the same type of cancer goes rapidly - and, before now, no one knew why.
The right combination of circumstances occurs, and the cancer is dissolved or "cured."
This book answers the question: "What is the right combination of circumstances?"
Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program
"Metabolic" pertains to metabolism: The chemical and physical processes continuously going on in living organisms and cells, comprising those by which assimilated food is built up (anabolism) into protoplasm and those by which protoplasm is used and broken down (catabolism) into simpler substances or waste matter, with the release of energy for all vital processes.
The person who has the metabolic malfunction should be addressed, not the disease that has the person. We call our system of addressing cancer "Metabolic" because the total person and all of his chemical and physical processes must be considered, and new habits of health developed in order to obtain a reasonable state of health.
We advise a very comprehensive program. It is extremely effective and inexpensive when compared to surgery, radiation and chemapy. Those who are willing to faithfully and tediously follow it will be successful. Those who follow it in part or haphazardly will be completely unsuccessful.
Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program is based on the best scientific knowledge available and has been condensed to a simple well-balanced system. Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program can be compared to a fine watch; each part must be there and be working properly or it does not work at all. Each step of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program must be followed exactly or there will not be any relief of the symptoms.
The Five Steps of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program:
Metabolic Supplementation (Chapter III)
Detoxification Of The Body (Chapter IV)
Adequate, Proper, Well-Balanced Diet (Chapter V)
Neurological Stimulation (Chapter VI)
Spiritual Attitude (Chapter VII)
Step one, halting or stopping the malignant growth with the use of supplemental metabolic nutrition, is relatively simple. The growth is usually stopped from within 3 hours to 12 days of metabolic nutritional supplementation, depending upon the amount and method of administration. This is usually noted by a sharp elevation of body temperature lasting about 3 days.
The clinical problem in treating a cancer patient is step two, clearing the body of accumulated toxins. This takes from 3 weeks to 12 months, depending upon the location and mass (amount) of growth. Many cancer patients have had their tumors successfully treated only to die of toxic poisons as the mass is dissolved and excreted from the body - in a case such as this the clinician treated the disease and not the patient, or failed to treat "metabolically."
We find that the rate of recovery is subject to an law - that of blood supply. If the rate of blood supply to an area is great, recovery is fast. If the blood supply to an area is inadequate, recovery is very slow. Thus, we find those with leukemia respond quickly, while those with bone afflictions have a much slower response. We have also noted that in tumors of large diameter (three or more inches) the outside diameter is quickly dissolved, but the interior, where there is a lack of blood supply, often takes several months to dissolve. This is a very wonderful thing: the body has time to detoxify and the death rate from toxemia is greatly reduced.
The prognosis for a cancer patient is very good when the liver, kidney, and lung functions are at least 50% of normal, and an optimistic spiritual attitude is maintained. Unfortunately, we have found many people who have lost hope, or their next of kin have lost hope, to the degree they were resigned to death and refused to try our Cancer Cure Program.
Metabolic Cancer Defense
There are only two Physicians - the Almighty and your own body
The pancreas is a complex organ and has many functions and purposes. We will briefly mention three here:
Carbohydrate (Sugar) Metabolism.
If this pancreatic function fails, the resulting disease process is what we call diabetes.
B. Production of Digestive Enzymes:
Amylase, which digests starches, glycogen and carbohydrates.
Lipase, which digests fats.
Protease, which digests proteins. If this pancreatic function fails, the resulting disease process is called:
Cystic Fibrosis (usually in children) and/or;
Malnutrition, starvation, cachexia, wasting, or emaciation (usually in adults).
C. To Digest or Cannibalize:
The intercellular metabolic waste and toxic metabolic materials.
The intracellular waste products and dead or dysfunctional normal cells.
The normal dormant pre-placenta cells as they become cancer cells.
When this pancreatic function fails we have the resulting disease process we call cancer.
Metabolic Ignorance
There are many causes for the failure of our pancreatic metabolic function. Often more than one cause exists simultaneously within the cancer patient. Listed below are some of these and all must be considered as possible or ruled out as non-causative in each cancer patient:
The pancreas fails to produce an adequate quantity of enzymes.
We take into our bodies such large quantities of foods, which require pancreatic enzymes for their digestion, that there are no enzymes available for cancer digestion.
Diet: Incorrect type, amount, and timing of nutritional intake.
Nutritional Components are not available (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) that are necessary for normal metabolism within the pancreas.
We may fail to take into our diet enough minerals, which are essential to release the enzymes into activity.
We may produce enough enzymes but we fail to take into our diet enough coenzymes (vitamins) to make the enzymes work.
Failure of the Small Intestine to make adequate pancreatic activators.
Obstruction of pancreatic secretion flow.
Often we produce enough enzymes, but the blood supply to a cancer area is so poor the enzymes we produce are not carried to the area.
Proper pH Balance (acid/alkaline balance) within the intestinal tract and/or within the cancer tumor mass.
Infection: Bacterial or viral.
Chemical Poisons within the patient’s body from the environment, food chain, drugs, metabolic wastes or medications.
Man Made Biologicals: Viruses or infectious agents.
Emotional instability and/or trauma.
Non-Absorption of pancreatic secretions (pancreatin) from the intestines into the body due to scarring or damage to the small intestine from various diseases.
Our bodies produce anti-enzyme factors. These factors keep the enzymes from digesting our own bodies. Sometimes we produce an over-abundant supply of these anti-enzyme factors.
Balance: Instability and weakness of the autonomic nervous system.
Genetic: Inheriting a very small, or weak or defective (ineffective) pancreas.
Radiation Damage such as from therapeutic procedures, etc.
Spiritual weakness.
Racial Gene Pools
The pure white race, Aryans, and in particular, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, French, Scottish, Irish and British peoples, genetically appear to have a much higher incidence of cancer than races. The Jewish race, as well as Blacks, Asians and mixed races have a much lower incidence of cancer than the Aryan race.
Races have cancer of course, but in proportion to the pancreatic damage from malnutrition, viruses or infection. In addition, the percentage of cancer within the races can be correlated to the percentage of white blood mixed in the individual’s gene pool.
Cancer Recovery
All persons who have cancer die of starvation, unlessthey are first killed — usually by their physician.
In attempting to find help and in helping others, one must comprehend the four basic parameters one confronts:
First, the stricken cancer victim and their family members have been so deceived by the Establishment that they are completely brainwashed and put in overwhelming fear.
Second, another parameter we often forget is, once a cancer victim or family member has awakened from this imprisoned condition — they trust no one. All too often, the mindset of the cancer victim is to demand an immediate, noticeable, positive, measurable response. When this is not forthcoming, they usually flip and flounder around, in and out of all forms of therapies that are claimed by their promoters as "the cure." Usually, most of the individuals who finally find Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program are these disappointed and disillusioned persons; without hope and adequate funding for recovery. Such persons must have at least 6 months of life and follow the Metabolic Program most carefully. Then, if they survive that long, there is a chance of recovery. This recovery period is a long and tedious one, usually lasting at least 2 years. After that, they must take a form of metabolic support for the rest of their lives.
Third, most of these individuals expect and demand immediate results or they go on to other therapies. This, however, is not the way one recovers from cancer. It is not the way they developed cancer.
It requires the failure of the pancreas from 2 to 4 years to develop a Malignant Tumor Mass — which the medical community in error calls "Cancer."
It requires at least the same length of time to clean up a ravaged body. Then the process of rebuilding the body can take place, which usually takes an additional two to four years of hard work and living right.
Then, for the rest of one’s life, one must keep a constant vigil to remain free of Malignant Tumor Masses.
Fourth, one must realize that physicians are forbidden to treat CANCER. The Enemy controlled Medical Establishment has several methods and techniques to prohibit a physician from treating cancer.
Physicians are only allowed to treat Malignant Tumor Masses and one’s purse. Dr. Morrision and I have experienced most of these diabolical acts of injustice, not only to the cancer victim, but also to the physician.
Cancer Is A "Process" — Not An "Object"
Daily, everyone produces Malignant Tumor Cells and daily, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest the food they eat and these Malignant Tumor Cells. It is when one’s pancreas fails to produce the necessary pancreatin to accomplish these tasks that a disease "Process" takes place which we correctly call Cancer.
When this disease process occurs, one is not aware of it. It is so subtle it must progress for 2 to 4 years before one or one’s physician realizes he or she is in trouble. The things one often complains about to his or her physician during this time are indigestion and weight loss at first then, a few months later, excessive weight gain, eye trouble and pyorrhea. Eventually a large enough Malignant Tumor Mass forms — which is the "Object" or the result of the disease process that we correctly call Cancer — that the Cancer Victim and his or her physician can observe and in error calls Cancer.
The objective of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program is to supply the body with adequate pancreatin to properly digest food, stop this disease process and to rid the body of any and all Malignant Tumor Masses. This is the proper, normal, physiological method of taking care of the disease process we correctly call Cancer.
Cancer Markers Become Temporarily Elevated and Malignant Tumor Masses Continue to Grow Temporarily
Pancreatin digests the Malignant Tumor Masses and Cells into liquid debris. This debris is then gobbled up by your white blood cells and removed from your body by way of bile from the liver, which goes into the colon and out, and urine from the kidneys, which goes into the bladder and out. A small amount of this debris leaves the body by way of skin perspiration as well as hair and nail growth.
Upon starting Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program two measurable things occur:
White blood cells increase in number, which is considered by everyone to be a good sign.
Cancer Markers become temporarily elevated, which often scares both the Cancer Victim and his or her doctor. Dr. Kelley considers elevated Cancer Markers to be a good sign for the following reason:
The Malignant Tumor Mass debris consists, in part, of Cancer Marker components. Until now most of this Cancer Marker material has been held in the tissue surrounding the Malignant Tumor Mass and usually increases when Malignant Tumor Masses continue to develop. Upon starting Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program the Cancer Markers are released into the bloodstream as the Masses are digested. This causes a high volume of Cancer Marker material to appear in the bloodstream temporarily and is the most misinterpreted part of the Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program. The second most misinterpreted part is that often the Malignant Tumor Masses continue to grow temporarily before one’s normal metabolic function can take over.
Why You’ll Feel Bad During Recovery
When the organs of detoxification become overloaded with debris one feels lousy — like you were run over by a freight train (see page 77).
This lousy feeling is how you will know that Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Medicine’s Program is working.
If you do not feel lousy one of two things is happening:
You are not taking enough pancreatin of the correct quality or quantity
You have a very small amount of Malignant Tumor Cells and/or Masses
We expect all cancer victims taking pancreatin to feel toxic (sore, headachy, no energy, nauseous, irritable, elevated temperature, flu-like symptoms, etc.). When this occurs it indicates one’s metabolic functions are working well. At this time we recommend that you stop taking the Metabolic Nutrients for 5 days to allow your organs of detoxification time to remove this debris from your body.
Many Cancer Victims have only a small Malignant Tumor Mass and experience only mild discomfort while other Cancer Victims have very large Malignant Tumor Masses like the actor Steve McQueen (see page 131). If your physician surgically removes most of such masses one’s recovery time speeds up.

Friday, December 29, 2006

# 86 Things I didn't Know About: The War On Cancer

The war on cancer
An example of the dismal failure of the government sector in America is the “war on cancer,” which is administered by the National Cancer Institute. It has cost taxpayers some $30 billion over a 35-year period. After adjusting for a longer life span, between 1950 and 1989 the incidence of cancer rose by about 44 percent. Breast cancer and colon cancer in men have risen about 50 percent, while some others have risen 100 percent. A recent article in the Journal of the AMA was entitled “Are Increasing Five-Year Survival Rates Evidence of Success against Cancer?” The answer was “No.”
The news mostly announces new cures and new drugs, but nothing about the waste of money in federal cancer research. A recent news broadcast said some cancer had declined “due to lifestyle changes.” For this the taxpayers paid $30 billion. However, this waste is predictable because national research laboratories are not primarily interested in a cancer cure, no matter what they claim. They are interested foremost in keeping their jobs and second in getting more money next year from Congress. This is the nature of all bureaucracies.
The medical cartel
Another factor driving up costs and contributing to poor quality care is the medical cartel. A cartel exists when one group works together to set prices and control all steps in the production and distribution of a commodity or service. Through licensing and other laws enacted in the early part of the 20th century, one group, the American Medical Association, controls how many medical schools exist, how many students enroll, what is taught in the schools, the availability of hospital residencies, and, indirectly through licensing laws, who will get jobs in medicine. It would be difficult to find an industry in America that is more tightly controlled by one group or union.
Alternative therapies and practitioners have been ruthlessly suppressed, their proponents often being run out of the country. Thousands of Americans flee each year to Mexico and Europe to obtain products and therapies banned in the United States but in use for as many as 50 years elsewhere.
The kingpin of the cartel is the restrictive state-medical licensing laws, passed in the early part of the 20th century. Previously, there were no licenses and the health-care system worked well. However, one group of physicians, the allopaths or drug doctors, felt they were not making enough money. The AMA, formed in 1847, was quite candid about its intentions. It sought vigorously to reduce the supply of doctors by eliminating the competition and controlling the number of medical graduates. With backing from the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, the AMA was quite successful. Because of its efforts, the number of healing schools fell from 140 in 1900 to 77 in 1940.
The purpose of a cartel is to improve the income of its members. From this perspective, American health care is a resounding success. John C. Goodman and Gerald L. Musgrave, in their excellent book Patient Power, explain that “the AMA endorsed the idea of a medical cartel and made participation in it ethically mandatory.”
In his book Price Discrimination in Medicine, Reuben Kessel states,
The delegation by the state legislatures to the AMA of the power to regulate the medical industry in the public interest is on a par with giving the American Iron and Steel Institute the power to determine the output of steel.
The large drug companies became part of the medical cartel through their agent, the federal Food and Drug Administration. Anyone who believes the FDA is an impartial or even helpful agency needs to read The History of a Crime; How Could It Happen, by Harvey Wiley, M.D., the first director of the FDA. In the book, he meticulously details how the FDA became infiltrated by food and drug companies and how its mission became completely subverted. As a physician, I believe no other domestic agency has caused more deaths than the FDA.
Physicians are the legal drug pushers in our society. Those who step out of line and prefer to prescribe vitamins, herbs, or non-patentable drugs often lose their licenses, though they do no harm. Only one state, Arizona, has a second medical homeopathic board that allows medical doctors to escape from under the thumb of the state board of medical examiners and practice as they see fit. In the past two years, a few states enacted laws to protect physicians from losing their licenses just because they use methods unapproved by their medical board.
Through physician licensing and hundreds of other rules, only those who practice drug medicine hold licenses, work in hospitals and HMOs, and direct government research institutes. This effectively blocks change. Most alternative-health practitioners who practice a far less expensive type of healing are shut out of the mainstream.
Special-interest laboratory laws also abound. In America one cannot walk into a laboratory and request a cholesterol test. One must first go to a doctor to obtain permission. Results may not be sent to the patient, only back to the doctor. This means another doctor visit. Thanks to these rules, a $10 test may cost $100 or more. The extra cost discourages people from caring for their health. Instead, they wait until a crisis occurs, which further raises the cost of health care. In Mexico, by contrast, one just walks into a laboratory, orders the test, and receives the results.
Deregulating health care
Whenever an industry becomes mired in special-interest rules, deregulation is the answer. It is a healing process that many industries periodically need. America “deregulated” trucking, airlines, the phone system, and power generation. In every case, dire predictions of chaos did not come true and the public benefited greatly. Power deregulation has also been very successful. What failed in California was not deregulation but simply another form of regulation.
Private regulation of health care is not new. For her first 120 years, America had a true free-market health-care system free of government interference. Herbalists, hydrotherapists, nature-cure practitioners, allopaths or drug doctors, homeopaths, Native American healers, religious healers, osteopaths, and others offered services and competed with one another. Each had its own schools, clinics, and hospitals. I was born in a formerly homeopathic hospital in New York City. There were few licensing laws, so no group had a legal advantage. Whoever helped people the most prospered. Competition between many kinds of practitioners kept prices low — people paid for exactly what they wanted. Our health statistics ranked first in the world. Today America’s worldwide rank in many health-care areas ranges from 19 to 22.
Deregulation in health care would have to be a two-part affair of (1) eliminating government regulation and government involvement; and (2) eliminating the control of the medical cartel. Obviously, this would not be easy to accomplish because (1) the welfare-state concept, which Americans embraced in the 20th century, entails a government “safety net”; and (2) the medical cartel has been in charge for more than 100 years and most people are unaware of the way it controls the system.
Personal responsibility
The biggest problem with the drug-medicine cartel is that drugs and surgery do not prevent disease, do not address deep causes of disease, and do not make people healthy. They mainly suppress symptoms. According to the American Public Health Association, 48 percent of the determinants of disease are now due to “behavioral lifestyle,” 25 percent are due to genetic constitution, 16 percent to the environment, and only 11 percent are due to lack of access to medical care. Often drugs make people sicker, which only adds to the cost. Malpractice lawsuits due to harm from the system add even more cost.
According to a recent article in the Journal of the AMA, modern medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in America, just behind cancer, heart disease, and strokes. This study only included deaths that occurred in hospitals. The Nutrition Institute of America just completed the first broad survey of the side effects of drug medicine.
It found that adverse drug effects and medical errors account for some 669,000 deaths, making drug medicine the leading cause of death in America.

Instead of giving poisons, other healing systems balance body chemistry, correct spinal abnormalities, detoxify the body, or alter subtle electrical or vibrational imbalances in the body.
A new paradigm
An entirely different model of health care is possible. Instead of focusing on diagnosis and treatment of disease entities, it focuses on supplying missing factors of health. The new model is a true science of preventive medicine. There is no reason to wait to supply the factors of health. Prevention is hundreds of times less expensive than treating a condition when it has fully developed.
The new model uses more-sensitive assessment methods that detect imbalances long before a disease occurs. Whether by checking one’s spine, hair tissue mineral analysis, or acupuncture pulses, small problems can be detected and corrected before they become serious ones. It is the only way to control health-care costs and really improve people’s health.
The new model stresses participation and presumes the patient is responsible for his health. Changes in diet and lifestyle can only be recommended. Self-discipline and a desire to be well are required. An adult-adult or client-consultant relationship with the doctor replaces the parent-child relationship that currently exists between doctors and adults. Patients need to ask a lot of questions. Taking responsibility is healing in itself. It is empowering, replacing the futile and energy-wasting attitudes of fear, denial, and self-pity. Natural products can help restore balance and remove toxins from the body. Drugs and surgery would still be used but only as a last resort, as they are far more costly and dangerous.
The new model redefines health. It is not just an absence of cancer or heart disease. It is the state of relating harmoniously with one’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social environment. Health is never a commodity that can be bought and sold, doled out to the poor or guaranteed by a government agency. All such thinking is incorrect. Health is an outcome of understanding one’s self and perfecting one’s relationship with one’s surroundings.
Adopting the new model
The health-care cost crisis offers an opportunity to view health care like any other industry. There is no market failure. How can there be market failure when there is almost no health-care market in the sense of free agents who willingly buy and sell on the basis of free access to information?
Deregulating health care would have to be part of dismantling the welfare state, as the two are closely related. Medical licenses are not only the basis for the cartel’s control. They are meal tickets for any doctor who wants to participate in the welfare state.
Replacing licensing with private certification would break the power of the cartel and help restore a free market. No physician would be prosecuted and jailed for doing his best. Many people, brainwashed by 100 years of life under the cartel, would object, as they have objected to all the other deregulation efforts. But the American people would be much better off.
Instead of the FDA, several competing consumer rating groups would do far more to protect the American people than the current system. Lest this seem impossible, it was the system used successfully in America for more than 120 years. Several organizations tested new medicines and medical devices and decided which merited their seal of approval.
Though we may not wish to admit it, American health care is only slightly less socialized than the single-payer systems of Europe and Canada. No wonder costs are out of control. Deregulating health care would benefit all Americans and restore a crippled system to sanity. Health care does not have to be costly or dangerous.
In 1900 only one in 8,000 ever developed cancer in their lifetime. By 1950, one in five developed cancer. By 1980 to date, one of two men and two of three women have developed cancer. For those born after 1980, nine out of ten will die from cancer unless they are first killed, usually by their physician. I am convinced that there are very few of this generation who will live to age 50.
The major problem at this point and time is the Establishment, in deception, is using Bio-warfare to murder a great number of people under the guise of CANCER diagnosis and treatment. The Bio-warfare includes vaccinations, water, air and food.
Notice: The failures
CANCER itself is a simple, straightforward, scientific, normal occurring condition in every mammal on earth. The proper effective metabolic understanding and support system for its resolution is simple and effective. Since our original successful cancer cure rate of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, I must bring to your attention the deception, fraud, plunder and murder that surrounds the CANCER establishment. This is a most complex conspiracy of the military, research, political (national and state), medical, legal, food production, pharmaceutical, insurance and health care, both orthodox and alternative entities all directed by greed of the wicked, diabolical Establishment manipulators and other controllers of our civilization.
A. Long before you or I were born, the various Establishment entities, with diabolical greed, have deceived, lied to, manipulated and murdered large numbers of individuals in our civilization.
B. >From 1913 to date, authority has been given for our financial confiscation, control, plunder and manipulation.
C. >From 1932 to date, devising, developing, manufacturing and secret testing on humans of Bio-warfare weapons has been ongoing.
D. Billions have been spent to make CANCER the Establishment’s technique for socially acceptable deception, plunder, fraud and murder.
It is actually against the law for a physician to treat cancer, should he know what cancer is or how to properly treat it. Actually, physicians do not know what cancer is.
1. It is not against the law of the local “dog catcher.”
2. It is not against the law or city regulations.
3. It is not against the law of any County rules.
4. It is not against the law of any State codes.
5. It is not against the law of any act of the Federal government.
6. It is not against the Constitution.
7. It is not against Admiralty Law.

# 85 "World Without Cancer" A book Review

Update: Neglected to mention that I did read the book, " World Without Cancer". Do recall reading ( in the 70's and 80's ) about the people mentioned in the book, and how they were ( I feel ) wrongly treated.
Can order the book through the Amazon link.


All Natural Cancer Therapy Nutritional Support for Cancer Vitamin B17 Suggested Dosage
The information provided here is for educational purposes only.
It's not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Always consult your physician. What is Cancer?... Click Here
Alternative Cancer Test... Simple, Easy and Safe.

In his brilliantly researched 1974 book World Without Cancer, researcher and author G. Edward Griffin explains the trophoblastic theory of cancer proposed by Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University, which states that certain pre-embryonic cells in pregnancy differ in no discernible way from highly-malignant cancer cells. Edward Griffin continues:
"The trophoblast in pregnancy indeed does exhibit all the classical characteristics of cancer. It spreads and multiplies rapidly as it eats its way into the uterus wall preparing a place where the embryo can attach itself for maternal protection and nourishment."
The trophoblast is formed in a chain reaction by another cell that Griffin simplifies down to the 'total life' cell, which has the total capacity to evolve into any organ or tissue, or a complete embryo. When the total life cell is triggered into producing trophoblast by contact with the hormone estrogen, present in both males and females, one of two different things happens. In the case of pregnancy the result is conventional development of a placenta and umbilical cord. If the trophoblast is triggered as part of a healing process however, the result is cancer or, as Edward Griffin cautions: "To be more accurate, we should say it is cancer if the healing process is not terminated upon completion of its task."
Stunning proof of this claim is readily available. All trophoblast cells produce a unique hormone called the chorionic gonadotrophic ( CGH ) which is easily detected in urine. Thus if a person is either pregnant or has cancer, a simple CGH pregnancy test should confirm either or both. It does, with an accuracy of better than 92% in all cases. If the urine sample shows positive it means either normal pregnancy or abnormal malignant cancer. Griffin notes: "If the patient is a woman, she either is pregnant or has cancer. If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause." So why all of the expensive, dangerous biopsies carried to 'detect' cancerous growths? One can only assume that medicare pays doctors a larger fee for biopsies than pregnancy tests.
Many physicians are convinced that any cutting into a malignant tumor, even for a biopsy, increases the likelihood that the tumor will spread. If you are about to have surgery, or even a biopsy, where the cancer cells are going to be disturbed, it is imperative that you take vitamin B17 to kill the remaining free cells. Vitamin B17 can only help and will definitely not hurt.
If you do NOT have Cancer
As a preventative Dr. Krebs asserts that 7 to 10 apricot seeds per day too nearly guarantee a cancer free life. One or two Vitamin B17 tablets ( 100 mg ) is an acceptable supplemental dosage per day. Also, if you eat three apples a day, seeds and all, the seeds in the three apples are sufficient Vitamin B17. 3 x 30 = That's about 90 apples per month.
If one is really serious about their health... We suggest: Apricot seeds ( whole food is best ) or Vitamin B17 ( 100 mg ) along with digestive enzymes with at least 3 mg of Chymotrypsin, if these proteolytic enzymes are to be used as a digestive aid the recommended dosage is 1 or 2 tablets just prior to a meal. The proteolytic enzymes should also be taken on an empty stomach, for the benefits are many. Drink plenty of room temperature high pH spring or mineral water. Finally, to maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods. A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods... Click Here
Purpose of Enzymes... Click Here
Balancing the pH is a major step toward well-being and greater health. The body has to have a balanced pH like most living things on earth or it does not function correctly. The alkaline level is very important because research has already proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline state and yet they thrive in an acidic environment.
Understanding pH Level... Click Here
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6”
Doctors and Clinics Find a Doctor
Vitamin B17 may help prevent cancer, but if one already has cancer, a complete protocol is required including diet, enzymes, exercise, detoxification, and supplementation, as prescribed by a physician. It is best to work with an alternative physician to be sure you are using the best approach to treat your particular condition. These doctors and clinics are offering Laetrile / B17 as part of their therapy. Get your doctor to work with you — not on you.
Body Detoxification *Chapter IV* One Answer to Cancer
CAUTION: In reality, a person very rarely dies of cancer. It is always starvation and toxicity. As the malignant tumor grows it gives off waste products, which must be eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. These waste products accumulate and gradually overburden the body. Most persons then die of toxemia. Before any disease can be cured, the waste products and impurities must be cleansed from the body. The sooner this is done, the sooner the body can begin repairing itself.
The "detoxer" must be prepared to accept that there will be a "healing crisis." While on a cleanse the body will purge. The release of toxins will bring up physical and emotional trauma that will be reflected in certain symptoms. A healing crisis can last a few days and produce these symptoms: fever, headaches and other aches, fatigue, skin eruptions, emotional irritability, gas, temporary constipation or diarrhea, temporary loss of menstruation, yawning, and muscular tension. In most cases, it is important not to use drugs to suppress these symptoms, but instead, to encourage the release of toxins from the body. These symptoms are an expression of release and must come out.
Small Intestine Cleanse... Click Here Liver / Gall Bladder Cleanse... Click Here
Dr. Kelley recommends that you begin the detoxification process even before you have the nutritional supplements in your possession. It is absolutely imperative that the patient carefully follows the detoxification process after the supplements begin stimulating the release of wastes and debris. Go to and read... * Chapter IV * Body Detoxification - Dr. William Kelley
Vitamin B17 ( laetrile - amygdalin ) 500 mg: Two ( 2 ) of these tablets, three ( 3 ) times daily. This is nontoxic, however you may get very nauseous and have gastric upset if you start out with the full amount. The tablet size is 500 mg. If you have difficulty in swallowing, the tablets may be broken up and added to soft food. You have to decide weather to have an empty stomach or not. After the initial 60 days of this amount of vitamin B17 a maintenance dose of 3 tablets per day for the following six months to a year is recommended according to the severity of the cancer. If the cancer had metastasised, take three tablets a day for life. It is in Dr. Krebs opinion ( the vitamin B17 discoverer ) to take three tablets daily for life even if the cancer hadn't spread.
For the apricot seeds and/or tablets ( start out with a low dosage and build up ). It is okay if you cannot handle the full dosages that we speak of - use Ginger tea to stop upsets. Some patients ( according to the severity ) take up to eighteen 500 mg tablets per day for the first month.
The Story of Vitamin B17...
Frequently Asked Questions ( From )
Importance of Zinc: Zinc is the transportation mechanism for laetrile and nitrilosides in the body. Biochemists and researchers have found that you can give Laetrile to a patient until its coming out of the ears of the patient, but, if that patient did not have sufficient level of Zinc, none of the laetrile would get into the tissues of the body. They also found that nothing heals within the body without sufficient Vitamin C. They also found that magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, and B all played an important part in maintaining the body's defence mechanism. This is why its very important to understand that cancer is best treated with a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, laetrile, and pancreatic enzymes.
The RDA for zinc is 15 mg per day. If you're already taking a multimineral supplement, you're probably already getting adequate zinc and copper. Do not take more than 50 milligrams per day and do not supplement zinc without supplementing copper ( ratio of 8 : 1 ).
In general, high-protein ( Acid Forming Foods ) are good sources of zinc. Fruits and vegetables ( Alkaline Forming Foods ) are not generally good sources of zinc. Best Source Foods for Zinc
Vitamin B17 Along With: Apricot Seeds, Digestive Enzymes, Okra-Pepsin-E3, and Coral Calcium.
Apricot Seeds ( also called Kernels or Pits )
Many people take Laetrile / B17 in its natural state: bitter almonds or apricot seeds. And many of these people end up in the emergency wards nearly poisoned to death. This is because they are not following the directions, or taking the seeds without any supervision. The apricot seeds contain cyanide. Although Laetrile / B17 is less toxic than sugar and 21 times less toxic than aspirin, you can take to much... Unfortunately, one can take to much of anything — even water. So to question the use of vitamin B17 on the grounds of toxicity is extraordinary as all the drugs used currently in orthodox cancer therapy are extremely toxic.
Here is how it works: Cancer loves sugar. The sugar in the apricot seeds surrounds cyanide. The cancer draws in the sugar, eats it, and releases the cyanide at the cancer cell and only at the cancer cell: sort of like a smart bomb. The problem with this is that some people take too much. While others take enough, but also have a diet high in sugar. Simply put: you must stop all sugar consumption, cut back drastically on carbohydrates, and then take your apricot seeds. Otherwise, you can do your body a great disservice, and not do anything to battle your cancer.
Suggested Dosage: Apricot seeds and other nitrilosides such as wheat grass and millet. Apricot seeds should be ground up in everything you eat. Anywhere up to 70 seeds per day. The FDA recommend not to ingest more than 6 seeds per hour because toxic reactions may occur, such as gastric upset, headache, vomiting and loose bowels. Many people take 15 seeds per day. Can skip a day and then take 40 the next day, and so on and so on. Bone cancer survivors take 5 seeds per waking hour with pancreatic enzymes, etc... ( I'm sure not e v e r y hour ). In general, take one apricot kernel for each 5 pound of body weight, daily. Example: 180 lb = 36 apricot seeds daily.
Dr. Krebs recommends 30 to 35 seeds per day as nutritional support for clinical cancer sufferers. To start, it is recommended that along with the purified forms of B-17, either intravenous or oral, cancer patients eat one apricot seed for every 10 lbs of body weight. If this dosage is tolerated well, it may be increased to 30 to 35 kernels per day.
If you are using the 500 mg tablets of Vitamin B17, the effect is magnified if you eat 5 - 7 apricot seeds with it because the other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the seeds complement the vitamin, thereby will help the actual vitamin B17 tablet assimilate into the body.
Shred these seeds and sprinkle them on hot vegetables, baked potatoes, soup, salads, cereals, and trail mix. Others, who do not mind the bitter taste of the seeds, prefer to eat them on their own. For optimum effect, the apricot seeds should be chewed raw and pulped in the mouth before swallowing. They should NOT be swallowed whole. Foods containing B17... Click Here Note: Potatoes are high in carbohydrates which turns into glucose ( sugar ), use sparingly.
“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Genesis 1:29”
Digestive Enzymes Fluoride is a destroyer of enzymes... Click Here
Digestive / Pancreatic enzymes with at least 20 mg Chymotrypsin: Proteolytic Enzymes digest the protein coating around the cancer cell making it easier for the Vitamin B-17 and your natural white ( killer ) blood cells to completely destroy the cancer cells. For systemic use the dosages vary depending on the severity of the condition, but the proteolytic enzyme tablets should be used as far from meals as possible. Suggested Dosage 3 to 6 tablets, three or four times daily. One or two tablets can also be taken with meals to aid digestion and reduce toxic undigested food.
Suggested Dosage: 3 to 6 tablets, three or four times daily on an empty stomach or 2 hours after meals. They should NOT be chewed or crushed, because of stomach acid. If you have difficulty in swallowing, try adding the tablets to soft food, soup, etc. and swallow whole. Use little food as possible. You need the pancreatic enzymes to digest the protein coating around the cancer cell, not to digest your food. When all the enzymes are used up digesting food, there are none left to destroy cancer cells. The tablets should be used as far from meals as possible.
The Pancreatic Enzymes will be the front line defense against cancer with the Vitamin B17 as your back-up. These two enzymes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin is the cancer patients best friend, they eat away and dissolve the protein coating of the cancer cell. Again, very important, be sure the pancreatic enzymes that you buy each tablet have at least 20 mg Chymotrypsin, more is better. If you take a lower-strength formulation, you will need a higher dosage.
Also, fresh pineapple and papaya are good sources of enzymes that aids in digestion by breaking down protein. It's a very common practice to consume half a pineapple a day when taking B-17 therapy. Enzyme bromelain obtained from pineapples and enzyme papain obtained from papaya. Go to and read... Enzyme Therapy vs. Cancer... Click Here
[ People with allergies to beef, pork, pineapples, and papaya may suffer allergic reactions to enzyme supplements. Tablets are often coated to prevent them from breaking down in the stomach, and shouldn't be chewed or crushed.]
Okra-Pepsin-E3 ( Cleansing The Small Intestine )
It digests the mucus that coats the walls of many people’s small intestine. Certain foods, such as pasteurized milk and many cooked foods, cause the mucus buildup on the wall of the small intestine ( raw foods do not cause this mucus buildup ). A person with a severe mucus buildup could take $1,000.00 worth of supplements a month along with a good diet and still get almost no nutritional value from them. If capsules are taken for a few days to several weeks, one after each meal ( reduce the amount of capsules if diarrhea occurs ), the mucus will gradually be digested.
Coral Calcium ( 1100 mg. capsules 90 ct. bottle )
Three capsules per day will make one bottle a 30 day supply... As the bio-available calcium and other alkalizing minerals get into the blood and cells the body pH begins to return to the normal slightly alkaline level. Most disease thrives in an acidic environment. Maintaining a healthy blood pH ( 7.35 - 7.45 ) may help in the recovery from a degenerative disease and equality important, sickness / disease has difficulty ever getting started in an alkaline terrain. At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live.
Dr. Otto Warburg established long ago in his Nobel prize winning studies that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment because there is too much oxygen. Acidity drives oxygen out providing an environment in which cancer can grow. The best way to raise body pH is making sure that adequate minerals, particularly Calcium are present. In general, green vegetables are high in calcium. Kale, broccoli, and collard greens are good sources. Drink high pH calcium-rich spring or mineral water. Fruits, vegetables, and supplementation are key. Non-dairy Calcium
"For the life of the flesh is in the blood: Leviticus 17:11"
Conclusion... The Bottom Line
There are two factors that are ALWAYS present with cancer no matter what else may be present. Those two factors are Acid pH and Lack of Oxygen. Those two factors always have to be present for cancer to develop and make tumor cells thrive. The body must be restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH and one must eat the apricot seeds along with digestive / pancreatic enzymes with at least 20 mg Chymotrypsin, more is better. All else is additional, but important. It is best to work with an alternative physician to be sure you are using the best approach to treat your particular condition. Doctors and Clinics that offer B17 as part of their therapy... Click Here
We suggest for existing cancer the following:
Existing Combo Package: 30 Day Supply... Stay on this dosage for 60 days.
Two pound of Apricot Seeds - 40 to 45 seeds daily. Build up to this dosage slowly.
( 2 bottles ) Vitamin B17 500 mg ( 100 tablets ) - 2 tablets 3 times daily.
( 2 bottles ) Omnizyme Forte ( 200 tablets ) - 4 tablets 3 times daily, on empty stomach.
Okra-Pepsin-E3 ( 150 capsules ) - 2 capsules, after each meal.
( 3 bottles ) Coral Calcium ( 1100 mg capsules 90 ct. bottle ) - 2 capsules 4 times daily.
Help's detox the body of cancer waste products; impurities and help's raise body pH. Drink ½ gal. of high pH spring or mineral water daily. Your best choice is a combination of water and fresh vegetable juice, one quart of each daily. ( Buy a juicer and start juicing.)
[ If you have congestive heart failure or kidney disease, or if you are taking diuretics, talk to your doctor before increasing your water and/or juice intake.]
CAUTION: One must carefully follow the detoxification process after the supplements begin stimulating the release of wastes and debris. Start out with a low dosage and build up. If you take too much too quickly, the waste products and poisons must exit the body and may overload your elimination system. This can be serious. Allow your organs time to remove this debris from your body. Build up your dosage slowly and your body will thank you for it.
How to Order... Click Here ( USA and International )
Maintenance Dose... After the initial 60 days
Maintenance Dose Combo: One Month Supply... For 6 months to a year.
One pound of Apricot Seeds - 20 to 25 seeds daily.
Vitamin B17 500 mg ( 100 tablets ) - 1 tablet 3 times daily.
Omnizyme Forte ( 200 tablets ) - 2 tablets 3 times daily, on empty stomach.
Coral Calcium ( 1100 mg capsules 90 ct. bottle ) - 1 capsule 3 times daily, after meal.
Drink ½ gal. of high pH spring or mineral water daily. Your best choice is a combination of water and fresh vegetable juice, one quart of each daily. ( Buy a juicer and start juicing.)
How to Order... Click Here ( USA and International )
Here Is A More Powerful Anti-Cancer Protocol For Terminal Malignancy... Click Here
This is an ideal therapy for anyone with terminal malignancy. If you know someone who has been told get your affairs in order you only have 3 to 6 months to live that person will have a reasonable chance of recovery if they add cesium and other key nutrients to the above supplements. They may need to take 6 grams of cesium daily to recover. Other cancer patients who have not lost their appetites and are eating normally can also benefit from this powerful protocol, just leave out the cesium part or give cesium a try with the minimum dosage of 1 gram three times daily with observation for signs of recovery ( receding tumor masses ). It is important to be sure to balance the intake of cesium and potassium... This protocol should be effective for all forms of cancer. Fruits, vegetables, supplementation, and detoxification are key. To get started... Click Here Note: Daily doses of cesium accumulate in the body. The toxic dose for CsCl is 135 g.
How To Prevent The Spread of Cancer
One mechanism that cancer cells use to expand in the body is through digesting their surroundings. This mechanism was described by Dr. Matthius Rath in his book on cancer. Cancer cells produce and secrete millions of enzyme molecules, which, like scissors, cut collagen and tissue that surrounds cells. Cancer cells use these enzymes to cut little holes in the blood vessel wall and get into the blood stream where they can travel to other organs, such as the lungs. Using the same mechanism, cancer cells can settle there and start new tumor growth. This stage, called metastasis, is the most dangerous stage of cancer. If a tumor stays in one place it rarely endangers our life. But about 90% of cancer deaths are the result of metastases, when a tumor invades various organs in the body.
It must be natural mechanisms that keep cells in place and prevent the spread of cancer. Dr. Rath suggested that our bodies can use lysine, a natural amino acid, to block the action of collagen digesting enzymes. Research has shown that a combination of vitamin C with the natural amino-acids lysine, proline, and specific extracts from green tea can block the invasion of cancer cells. Lysine, like vitamin C, cannot be produced in our body. We can only get it from our diet, therefore, deficiency of lysine is likely. This means that our body's ability to control collagen digestion can be compromised if intake of lysine is too low. Food sources of lysine are numerous, but the richest sources include cheese, eggs, fish, lima beans, milk, potatoes, pork, poultry, red meat, soy products, yeast, all protein-rich foods. Vegetables are generally a poor source of lysine, with the exception of beans, peas, and lentils. Source Foods for Vitamin C
Dr. Rath uses the nutrient combination of vitamin C, the amino-acids L-lysine and L-proline, and Epigallocatechin Gallate ( EGCG - a polyphenol extract from green tea ) and has found these to be very effective in the treatment of a wide variety of human cancers, including those of the skin, liver, breast, prostate, colon, lung, and brain. There is no reason why they should not also be effective in the treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma. More good news... These same nutrients and same doses ( see below ) work well with cardiovascular disease, by clearing arteries of plaque. This nutrient combination will help in preventing and reversing both cancer and heart disease. As a preventive measure against cancer, heart attack and stroke cut dosage ( below ) by 70% or 50% for those with family history of cancer, heart attack or stroke which are considered high risk.
We believe that the daily doses used by Dr. Rath and his team in the treatment of cancer are in the region of 6g ( 6000 mg ) of vitamin C, 6g ( 6000 mg ) of L-lysine, 3g ( 3000 mg ) of L-proline and 1g ( 1000 mg ) of EGCG. A high-dose multivitamin and mineral supplement would also be a good idea. Product choice is "Epican Forte" by Dr. Rath. To find a store that carries Dr. Rath's products... Click Here — Go to and read... Cancer Can Be Beaten - Matthius Rath, M.D. We do NOT sell this product. To order these nutrients... Click Here or do internet search.
Note: The beneficial effects is reportedly much more pronounced and immediate when sugar and refined carbohydrates is eliminated. Sugar feeds cancer and sugar can crowd out vitamin C.
The Tumor Doesn't Disappear
How is success against cancer measured? Is it the length of life? The quality of life? The feeling of well-being and absence of pain? The ability to function normally on a daily basis? All of these are the criteria used by doctors who apply nutritional therapy. They are not concerned with the size of a tumor because they know most tumors are a mixture of malignant and benign cells. Orthodox medicine, on the other hand, is totally focussed on the tumor ( in cancers where tumors are formed ). A living and healthy patient with a tumor reduced by only 15% but stable would be classified as a failure, whereas a sick and dying patient with a tumor reduced 60% would be a success.
Hundreds of people make the wrong decisions because they were expecting their tumor to disappear. The tumor doesn't disappear. When the tumor shrinks down that's it, start rejoicing and continue on your natural regimen. Most doctors will still see a tumor and continue to give a person chemotherapy ( until they're dead ) in attempts to make the tumor disappear. Malignant ( cancerous ) tumors are only a small percent cancer and when the cancer part starts dying off, the tumor only shrinks down the percent that the tumor was cancerous.
In other words, if a kidney tumor is 10 percent cancerous the tumor will shrink down only 10 percent. So, if you get a CAT scan, which one should never get ( with 6 CAT scans there is over 60% more of a chance of one developing Leukemia; MRI's are much safer as they use magnetic imaging and not radiation ) a 10 percent shrinkage can be concluded as "NO CHANGE".
In general, if the tumor is easily accessible and if the patient wishes to do so, have the tumor removed. By removing the tumor the body has one less thing with which to cope. If the tumor is remote, not causing any problem and the patient agrees, leave the tumor alone. The tumor is merely a symptom, not a cause. If you take care of the body, the body will take care of the tumor. That doesn't mean that the tumor will go away, but it is unlikely to cause a problem.
Do NOT stop eating the apricot seeds along with digestive / pancreatic enzymes and one must maintain the body at a normal, slightly alkaline pH - 7.35 to 7.45. The ideal pH for blood is 7.4
Combined Medical Treatment
There are no contraindications to the use of Vitamin B17 nor any of these products along with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery, for example, is often life saving in cancer by correcting blockages, repairing fistulas, arresting haemorrhages, and removing cancerous growths that are impinging upon vital organs.
A patient on chemo, experiences significantly less side effects from chemotherapy, if patient simultaneously uses the therapies mentioned. Example: Enzymes reduce the side effects of chemo by eliminating the dead cells and the chemicals from the body. Also you would recover faster from chemo. When the body is getting rid of chemicals from chemo you would sweat a lot.
Several studies conducted by European scientists show that oral pancreatic enzymes taken with chemotherapy and radiation improves the response rate and reduces the side effects significantly.
Alkalinity Nutritional Program
Fruits, vegetables, and supplementation are key. Eating the normal western diet is a recipe for disaster for the cancer patient. Poor nutrition provides a favorable environment for cancer to grow and develop. Proper nutrition supports the immune system, starves cancer cells, and helps maintain the body at a normal, slightly alkaline pH - 7.35 to 7.45. Disease cannot survive in an oxygen rich alkaline state. The only place in your body where there is no oxygen is the cancer site. One of the quickest ways to raise your body pH is to take in green vegetable juices. Kale, broccoli, and collard greens are good sources of calcium, buy a juicer and start juicing. The juicer is the most important appliance in the kitchen for the cancer patient. To battle cancer with fasting the best choice is a combination of water fasting and juice fasting using 2 - 5 glasses of juice per day. More Information on Fighting Cancer With Juice Fasting... Click Here
So if we are going to purchase a juicer, should we buy a centrifugal or a mastication type juicer? At the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, they are healing the "incurables" ( lung cancer, spreading melanoma, lymphoma, brain cancer, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, migraines, etc.) through the use of freshly-extracted raw vegetable juices. These people at the Gerson Clinic are the most knowledgeable people we know to ask what kind of juicer works best. So what do they teach? They teach that only mastication-type juicers will do the job because centrifugal juicers leave most of the nutrients in the pulp, which then gets thrown away. ( The laboratory report where they ran five pounds of carrots through a centrifugal juicer and a mastication-type juicer, and the mastication-type juicer removed three to four times more nutrients than the centrifugal ). The mastication-type juicer leaves very few nutrients in the pulp. For this reason, we recommend only mastication juicers for the cancer patient.
The Cancer Killer 1 beet - 1 carrot - 1 celery stick - ½ potato - 1 radish
Rudolf Breuss's, anticancer mixture has helped thousands of suffering people. This juice blend, during fasting, exerts a death blow on cancer. This was attested by over 24,000 patients who wrote him describing relief from their diseases. His patients were given small amounts of this juice over 42 days. A tea composed of nettle, St. John's wart, marigold, artemisi, and monarda was also given. By "starving out" the cancer, Rudolf Breuss reported a 96% success rate for the thousands of patients he treated over 30 years of practice. Rudolf Breuss died in 1989 at 93 years of age. Composition: 55% beet root, 20% celery root, 20% carrot, 3% potato, 2% radish.
The cancer patient will want to give up cooked and commercially produced meat such as beef, pork, lamb and fowl immediately ( except for raw liver ). Cooked meat is harmful for the cancer patient, as the very same enzymes used in its digestion ( Trypsin and Chymotrypsin ) are needed for fighting and digesting the cancer. When all the bodies reserves of these two enzymes are used up, there are none left in the blood to destroy cancer cells. All natural, self-made enzymes your body can produce should be used to fight the cancer. Plus, animal protein is Acid Forming. Go to and read... * Chapter V * Metabolic Cancer Cure Diet - Dr. William Kelley
Sugar Feeds Cancer... You want to take away the single fuel on which cancer thrives, SUGAR! Glucose ( sugar ) is the only form of fuel that cancer can utilize. Also, Sugar is Extremely Acid Forming - pH 5.0 to 5.5. Cancer loves cooked foods and cancer loves sugar. When one has cancer and eats something loaded with sugar it's just like throwing a cup of gasoline on a smoldering fire. Very simply put: You must stop all sugar consumption and one must cut back drastically on carbohydrates. If you hate your cancer, then starve it. The quest is not to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, but rather to control blood sugar within a narrow range to help starve the cancer. Try to keep total carbohydrate count to under 75 grams per day, under 50 is ideal. These tools may help... Carbohydrate Count Carbohydrate Calculator
Carbohydrates are fiber or non-fiber. Fiber carbs are good for you, non-fiber carbs are bad for you. Carbs turn into glucose ( sugar ) in your blood and this sugar feeds cancer. Some foods high in carbohydrates are breads, cereals, grains, pasta, starchy vegetables ( peas, corn, dried beans, potatoes ), milk, yogurt and fruit. Balance your intake of these foods and eat these foods in moderation... Cancer patients need to eat more Fibrous carbs like cucumber, greens, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, snow peas, peppers, cabbage, asparagus, etc., these are great. Also, dry beans of all types are a good source of food for the cancer patient, and may be used two or three times a week at anytime of the day. Carb count - ½ cup cooked about 20 grams.
The Very Best Foods ( Juiced, raw or steamed vegetables would provide the best nutrient value.)
Vegetables: Avocado, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chicory, chives, collard greens, cucumbers, dandelion, endive, fennel, garlic, kale, leeks, lettuce, sea lettuce, mustard greens, nettles, okra, onions, parsley, parsnips, radishes, spinach, squash, tomatoes, turnips, and watercress.
Fruits: Apples, apricots, avocado, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, currants, dates, figs, grapefruit, grapes (seeded), lemons, limes, mangos, melons, nectarines, olives, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears, persimmons, pineapples, plums, pomegranate, and quinces.
Seeds and Nuts: Almonds, beechnuts, black walnuts, butternuts, coconuts, english walnuts, filberts, pecans, pignolias (pine nuts), and pumpkin seeds.
It is BEST to take nothing into the body that has been cooked or processed: Avoid sugar, beer, sodas, ice cream, fried foods, table salt ( sea salt - okay ). The diet should focus on fruit ( fresh pineapples ), vegetables and high pH spring or mineral water. Drink plenty of room temperature spring or mineral water. To be safe, we recommend less fruit, more vegetables, and no refined sugars in the diet of cancer patients. To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods. A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods... Click Here
Summary: The greener the vegetable the better.
“A little wine should be used, as the Bible says: l Timothy 5:23” ( High quality red wine, no more than 4 oz. daily to build blood.)
Eat nuts, berries, seeds and every kind of herb you can get your hands on. Eat Ezekiel 4:9 bread. This bread can be found in the health food store under the name "Ezekiel 4.9 Bread". In Ezekiel 4:9, God gives the perfect recipe for making bread. B17 is found in small degrees in this bread. The Bible says that bread will make the heart strong. Foods containing B17... Click Here
Increase Intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil to Fight Against Disease. Reduce the amount of omega-6 fats and increase the amount of omega-3 fats. To do this you will need to avoid vegetable seed oils such as corn, cottonseed, sesame, safflower, sunflower, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Omega-3 fatty acids slow the growth rate of tumors significantly, or even decrease their size. Most people find that Carlson's Cod Liver Oil smells fresh and does not have a bad taste. They have a lemon-flavored product that tastes like lemon melted butter. More super foods... The following foods have the ability to help stave off cancer and some can even help inhibit cancer cell growth or reduce tumor size. Cancer Fighting Foods and Spices... Click Here
What Omega-3 Can Do For You: Lower triglycerides and raise HDL in the blood. Lower low density cholesterol in the blood. Greatly reduce risk of heart disease. Aid in regulation of blood sugar levels. Reduce rate of inflammatory diseases like arthritis, lupus, migraine headaches. Reduces platelet "stickiness" and therefore reduces the tendency towards atherosclerosis - the clogging up of the arteries with cholesterol plaque. Inhibits tumor growth and lowers cancer risk.
Most people recommend Carlson's Cod Liver Oil or Dale Alexander Fish Oils by Twinlab, they are found at many health food stores. With Cod Liver Oil you also get vitamin A and vitamin D. Note: Since Omega-3 fatty acids thins the blood, those taking blood thinners such as coumadin should only use fish oil under the supervision of a physician.
WARNING: IF YOU ARE DRINKING DIET SODAS WHICH CONTAIN ASPARTAME OR USING SUGAR-FREE PRODUCTS - READ THIS!! Diet sodas, foods labeled as "sugarless" "sugar free" "diet foods" "low calorie" and the like - You had better be careful and read the label to see if they contain ASPARTAME. Please check labels carefully Aspartame is poison and extremely acid forming. Take the 60 day aspartame test. Give up all aspartame for 60 days and note the improvements in your health. Check it out... Do internet search on "aspartame and/or diet cola". [ note in Australia ( and UK ) who just have numbers on things - not names - Aspartame is 951 ]
“Worship the Lord your God, and His blessing will be upon your food”
Other Potent Cancer Fighting Products We recommend adding these Cancer Fighters to your therapy.
Cansema ( 8 fl. oz. ) Liquid Tonic - ( The paste is best for skin cancer )Only two teaspoons per day, on a full stomach. The Cansema paste actually pulls tumours out of the body. The liquid tonic is much more bearable than having a tumour ulcerate from the body while using the salve. Cancema kills the parasites ( bugs in the blood ) which damage cells turning them cancerous. It is a base or alkaline which takes away the acidity of the body, it is a very powerful treatment for cancer. This product is not, as a general rule, intended for long-term use. You want to use the product to specifically treat your problem and then discontinue use. We do NOT sell this product. To order Cansema... Click Here or do internet search.
Oxygen Elements Plus - ( formerly known as Hydroxygen Plus )A powerful free radical scavenger that helps your cells "breathe" better, while rapidly, deeply detoxifying. Just add drops to eight ounces of water or juice and take with or after meals. For a therapeutic dosage, increase slowly to 21 drops three times a day and maintain this amount for one to two months before dropping to the maintenance amount of 7 drops three times a day. We do NOT sell this product. To order this supplement... Click Here or do internet search.
Cancer vs. Health... One Final Thought
It is very important to understand that cancer is BEST treated with a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, laetrile, pancreatic enzymes, exercise, detoxification, and supplementation. Some of these supplements are widely available, others are not. If you have cancer, make sure you take enough of them. Generally 5 to 10 times the normal supplemental amounts seem to work best for food based supplements.
As you can see, this natural approach to cancer is based on making the body healthier. It works on reversing the basic conditions that allow cancer to develop. Strengthening a depleted, worn out, under energized immune system that is not capable of killing cancer cells faster than they are multiplying. And changing the internal body environment so that the cancer cells have a harder time surviving because the conditions that allow them to grow so prolifically have changed.
One final thing, too many people wait too long before getting started on safe and natural supplements for cancer or don’t work up to using enough of whatever supplement they are taking and they don’t make it. Fighting cancer can be a race with time if the cancer is pretty far along. No one knows the minimum amount needed to recover from cancer. The longer the time you have to experiment, the smaller amounts you can try at first. However, if one is seriously ill, it is better to err on the side of taking more than you may really need, because no one knows the minimum amount that is really needed and ones guess may be too little. Especially if chemo is effecting the body. Whole food supplements can't hurt you, they only help! And they don’t make surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy less effective either, in fact it is quite the reverse. The nutritional benefits may vary from one person to another, but everyone will benefit.
All Natural Cancer Therapy on 3.5" Floppy
Yep, This All Natural Cancer Therapy web site is available for order on 3.5" Floppy Disk. Disk Includes: A neat little program of ALL of our informational WebSites. The program is simple and easy to use. If you like our websites, you will love this program. It's GREAT... Feel free to make copies to share with family and friends. The information contained could very well be a life saver. System Requirements: 3½ Floppy [A:] Drive. Only... $10.00 How to Order... Click Here
Always consult your physician. These products have not been approved by the FDA for medical use; consequently, no medical claims can be made. Also, these products must be considered a supplement. Anyone contemplating using these products for medical use must accept such use as experimental and voluntary, and use at their own risk. ( 1 ) No claims are made regarding the therapeutic use of these products. ( 2 ) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ( 3 ) These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ( 4 ) These products must be considered a nutritional supplement, only! Feel free to print ( for educational purposes ) any information from this website that you would like to share with family and friends. Doctors and Clinics that offer B17 as part of their therapy... Click Here See... The Rescuing Hug

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

# 84 Soy's Bumpy Road

Soy's Bumpy Road.
In the Chicago Tribune , in what they call the "Q" section, Sunday, December 17, 2006, were two very interesting articles about soy in our diets. In the Q. Section, pages 1, 7, and 9 are the items I referr to.The article was written by Julie Deardorff, Tribune
health and fitness reporter.
I quote one paragraph from page 1
"but is soy a miracle worker that protects us from cancer, heart disease, bone loss and hot flashes? Or is it an overrated and menacing little legume that affects the thyroid and raises certain cancer risk and is found in nearly every processed food?"
The second article, on page 7, is
"How Soy Works In The Body".
It was refreshing to read this article by someone that did their homework.
Soy does have great potential, but at this stage of use, too many variables currently exist.
( See my posts on Soy #67 - #71 - #73 - #74 )

Friday, December 15, 2006

# 83 Killer Fat Headlines Again!

Killer fat headlines again !
New health concerns about trans fatty acids are in the headlines again. Mentioned in a Chicago Tribune article, ( 12-10-2006 ) are some statements there, that I believe are either false, true, or somewhat misleading. At this point, one needs to examine and understand the following:
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
What does that mean!As I've found it, it means:
1 -The truth - what the witness experienced
2 -The whole truth - not leaving any material out
3 -Nothing but the truth - definitely no lies
Do believe, that anyone involved with serious research, must be held responsible for their findings by adhering to the three definitions above. It does appear that many half truths and omissions, are in numerous reports released to the public.
So, whats new!

"by banning trans fat, were removing a toxin from the food supply that's man-made and should not be there"

Misleading, with truth and a lie:
"but the solution may be nearly as bad as the original problem if food makers aren't careful. One widely considered alternative to trans fat is Palm oil, which is so high in the heart damaging saturated fat that help advocates led a campaign in the 1980s to remove all such tropical oils from foods."

( Found on-line )
( From Sally Fallon's book, Nourishing Traditions:
The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.)

"In fact, until recently saturated fats were usually lumped together with trans fats in the various U.S. data bases that researchers use to correlate dietary trends with disease conditions. Thus, natural saturated fats were tarred with the black brush of unnatural hydrogenated vegetable oils."

( AND )

"Tropical Oils are more saturated than other vegetable oils. Palm oil is about 50% saturated, with 41% oleic acid and about 9% linoleic acid. Coconut Oil is 92% saturated, with over two-thirds of the saturated fat in the form of medium-chain fatty acids (often called medium-chain triglycerides).
Of particular interest is lauric acid, found in large quantities in both coconut oil and in mother's milk. This fatty acid has strong antifungal and antimicrobial
properties. Coconut oil protects tropical populations from bacteria and fungus so prevalent in their food supply; as third-world nations in tropical areas have switched to polyunsaturated vegetable oils; the incidence of intestinal disorders and immune deficiency diseases has increased dramatically. Because coconut oil contains lauric acid, it is often used in baby formulas. Palm Kernel Oil, used primarily in candy coatings, also contains high levels of lauric acid. These oils are extremely stable and can be kept at room temperature for many months without becoming rancid. Tropical Oils Do Not Contribute to Heart Disease. Highly saturated tropical oils do not contribute to heart disease but have nourished healthy populations for millennia. It is a shame we do not use these oils for cooking and baking-the bad rap they have received is the result of intense lobbying by the domestic vegetable oil industry. Red palm oil has a strong taste that most will find disagreeable-although it is used extensively throughout Africa--but clarified palm oil, which is tasteless and white in colour, was formerly used as shortening and in the production of commercial French fries, while coconut oil was used in cookies, crackers and pastries.
The saturated fat scare has forced manufacturers to abandon these safe and healthy oils in favour of hydrogenated soybean, corn, canola and cottonseed oils. "

"in many instances I fear that trans fat is going to be
replaced with unhealthy products. I think we need to get the trans fat out, but we also need to find suitable alternatives."

"the exact reasons why trans fat is so dangerous remains unclear."

( Found on-line, what is unclear here! )
" Before hydrogenation, pairs of hydrogen atoms occur together on the chain, causing the chain to bend slightly and creating a concentration of electrons at the site of the double bond. This is called the cis formation, the configuration most commonly found in nature. With hydrogenation, one hydrogen atom of the pair is moved to the other side so that the molecule straightens. This is called the trans formation, rarely found in nature. Most of these man-made trans fats are toxins to the body, but unfortunately your digestive system does not recognize them as such. Instead of being eliminated, trans fats are incorporated into cell membranes as if they were cis fats, your cells actually become partially hydrogenated! Once in place, trans fatty acids with their misplaced hydrogen atoms wreak havoc in cell metabolism because chemical reactions can only take place when electrons in the cell membranes are in certain arrangements or patterns, which the hydrogenation process has disturbed."

"farmers have been ramping up production of new crops that can meet the demand for trans free oils, including special varieties of sunflower, canola and the soybean."
( Oh yes, what we really need are more unnatural Frankenstein foods )

"by replacing trans fat with still more new ingredients, we're about to do a mass experiment on the New York's population, what's the impact going to be? No one knows that."

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