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Sunday, August 29, 2004

# 19 Don't Drink Your Milk

Don't Drink Your Milk!
Processing Is the Problem

The path that transforms healthy milk products into allergens and carcinogens begins with modern feeding methods that substitute high-protein, soy-based feeds for fresh green grass and breeding methods to produce cows with abnormally large pituitary glands so that they produce three times more milk than the old fashioned scrub cow. These cows need antibiotics to keep them well.

Their milk is then pasteurized so that all valuable enzymes are destroyed (lactase for the assimilation of lactose; galactase for the assimilation of galactose; phosphatase for the assimilation of calcium).

Literally dozens of other precious enzymes are destroyed in the pasteurization process. Without them,milk is very difficult to digest. The human pancreas is not always able to produce these enzymes; over-stress of the pancreas can lead to diabetes and other diseases

The butterfat of commercial milk is homogenized, subjecting it to rancidity.
Even worse, butterfat may be removed altogether. Skim milk is sold as a health food, but the truth is that butter-fat is in milk for a reason. Without it the body cannot absorb and utilize the vitamins and minerals in the water fraction of the milk. Along with valuable trace minerals and short chain fatty acids, butterfat is America's best source of preformed vitamin A.
Synthetic vitamin D, known to be toxic to the liver, is added to replace the natural vitamin D complex in butterfat. Butterfat also contains re-arranged acids which have strong anti-carcinogenic properties.

Non-fat dried milk is added to 1% and 2% milk. Unlike the cholesterol in fresh milk, which plays a variety of health promoting roles, the cholesterol in non-fat dried milk is oxidized and it is this rancid cholesterol that promotes heart disease.

Like all spray dried products, non-fat dried milk has a high nitrite content. Non-fat dried milk and sweetened condensed milk are the principle dairy products in third world countries; use of ultra high temperature pasteurized milk is widespread in Europe.

Other Factors Regarding Milk

Milk and refined sugar make two of the largest contributions to food induced ill health in our country. That may seem like an overly harsh statement, but when one examines the evidence, this is a reasonable conclusion.

The recent approval by the FDA of the use of BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) by dairy farmers to increase their milk production only worsens the already sad picture. BGH causes an increase in an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in the milk of treated cows. IGF-1 survives milk pasteurization and human intestinal digestion. It can be directly absorbed into the human bloodstream, particularly in infants.

It is highly likely that IGF-1 promotes the transformation of human breast cells to cancerous forms. IGF-1 is also a growth factor for already cancerous breast and colon cancer cells, promoting their progression and invasiveness. It is also possible for us to absorb the BGH directly from the milk. This will cause further IGF-1 production by our own cells.
BGH will also decrease the body fat of cows. Unfortunately, the body fat of cows is already contaminated with a wide range of carcinogens, pesticides, dioxin, and antibiotic residues. When the cows have less body fat, these toxic substances are then transported into the cows' milk.
BGH also causes the cows to have an increase in breast infections for which they must receive additional antibiotics. Prior to BGH, 38%of milk sampled nationally was already contaminated by illegal residues of antibiotics and animal drugs. This will only increase with the use of BGH. One can only wonder what the long term complications will be for drinking milk that has a 50% chance it is contaminated with antibiotics.

There is also a problem with a protein enzyme called xanthine oxidase which is in cow's milk. Normally, proteins are broken down once you digest them.
However, when milk is homogenized, small fat globules surround the xanthine oxidase and it is absorbed intact into your blood stream. There is some very compelling research demonstrating clear associations with this absorbed enzyme and increased risks of heart disease.
Ear specialists frequently insert tubes into the ear drums of infants to treat recurrent ear infections. It has replaced the previously popular tonsillectomy to become the number one surgery in the country. Unfortunately, most of these specialists don't realize that over 50% of these children will improve and have no further ear infections if they just stop drinking their milk.
This is a real tragedy. Not only is the $3,000 spent on the surgery wasted, but there are some recent articles supporting the likelihood that most children who have this procedure will have long term hearing losses.
It is my strong recommendation that you discontinue your milk products. If you find this difficult, I would start for several weeks only, and reevaluate how you feel at that time.
This would include ALL dairy, including skim milk and Lact-Aid milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. If you feel better after several weeks you can attempt to rotate small amounts of one form of milk every four days.
You probably are wondering what will happen to your bones and teeth if you stop milk. The majority of the world's population takes in less than half the calcium we are told we need and yet they have strong bones and healthy teeth.
Cows' milk is rich in phosphorous which can combine with calcium -- and can prevent you from absorbing the calcium in milk. The milk protein also accelerates calcium excretion from the blood through the kidneys.
This is also true when you eat large amount of meat and poultry products. Vegetarians will need about 50% less calcium than meat eaters because they lose much less calcium in their urine.
It is possible to obtain all your calcium from dark green vegetables (where do you think the cow gets their's from?). The darker the better. Cooked collard greens and kale are especially good. If you or your child is unable to take in large amounts of green vegetables, you might want to supplement with calcium.
If you can swallow pills, we have an excellent, inexpensive source called Calcium Citrate, which has a number of other minerals which your body requires to build up maximally healthy bone.
It is much better than a simple calcium tablet. You can take about 1,000 mg a day. For those who already suffer from osteoporosis, the best calcium supplement is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite.
It is also important that you take vitamin D in the winter months from November to March. Normally your skin converts sunshine to vitamin D, but the sunshine levels in the winter are very low unless you visit Florida or Mexico type areas.
Most people obtain their vitamin D from milk in the winter; so if you stop it, please make sure you are taking calcium with vitamin D or a multi vitamin with vitamin D to prevent bone thinning.
Most people are not aware that the milk of most mammals varies considerably in its composition. For example, the milk of goats, elephants, cows, camels, wolves, and walruses show marked differences, in their content of fats, protein, sugar, and minerals. Each was designed to provide optimum nutrition to the young of the respective species. Each is different from human milk.
In general, most animals are exclusively breast-fed until they have tripled their birth weight, which in human infants occurs around the age of one year. In no mammalian species, except for the human (and domestic cat) is milk consumption continued after the weaning period. Calves thrive on cow milk. Cow's milk is designed for calves.
Cow's milk is the number one allergic food in this country. It has been well documented as a cause in diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia, skin rashes, atherosclerosis, and acne.
It is the primary cause of recurrent ear infections in children. It has also been linked to insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, and leukemia.
Hopefully, you will reconsider your position on using milk as a form of nourishment. Small amounts of milk or milk products taken infrequently, will likely cause little or no problems for most people.
However, the American Dairy Board has done a very effective job of marketing this product. Most people believe they need to consume large, daily quantities of milk to achieve good health. NOTHING could be further from the truth.
Public health officials and the National Dairy Council have worked together in this country to make it very difficult to obtain wholesome, fresh, raw dairy products. Nevertheless, they can be found with a little effort. In some states, you can buy raw milk directly from farmers.
Whole, pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from cows raised on organic feed is now available in many gourmet shops and health food stores. It can be cultured to restore enzyme content, at least partially. Cultured buttermilk is often more easily digested than regular milk; it is an excellent product to use in baking.
Many shops now carry whole cream that is merely pasteurized (not ultra pasteurized like most commercial cream); diluted with water, it is delicious on cereal and a good substitute for those allergic to milk.
Traditionally made creme fraiche (European style sour cream), it also has a high enzyme content. Privacy/Security Current Newsletter Contact Info

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

# 18 More On Apple Cider Vinegar Use

August 20, 2004 Health Sciences

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Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute e-Alert, 8/1/2003
This week in the HSI Forum If you've ever heard about the healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar and wanted to find out more, there's a thread on the HSI Forum this week that will provide all the information you need to get started. Titled "Apple cider Vinegar," this thread feels like a friendly conversation around a kitchen table, with basic ideas expanded on, misconceptions straightened out, and experienced advice interspersed with interesting tips.
But don't expect to stop by the average grocery to pick up apple cider vinegar (ACV). The consensus is that you need to use raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized ACV with the "mother" in it - usually only available at health food stores. And what is the "mother"? Here's an explanation from an HSI member namedChris: "'Mother' in vinegar is the kind of webby looking mess floating in the bottle." And while that may not sound too appealing, a member named lael explains 'mother' with more detail, comparing it to a yogurt culture: "The 'mother' is the bacteria culture that assists the fermentation process in creating the apple cider vinegar. From what I gather it allows the apple cider to turn to vinegar."
In another posting, lael says: " I drink apple cider vinegar daily. I began drinking it a couple of months ago. I think of it as an overall tonic that has helped me in numerous ways. It has increased my energy levels, helped my digestion. Jon Barron [an HSI Panelist] says that it helps eradicate aluminum from thebody."
A member named Michael offers this ACV tip: "I am not familiar with the weight loss aspect of apple cider vinegar but when I think I am coming down with a cold, it is one of the items I take. In every case (100%) those who take it a couple of times a day, the cold symptoms go away much faster."
Another member named Jane has this promising information for those with arthritis: "I'm in the UK where we call it just cider vinegar, where it is used principally for arthritis. Only use organic cider vinegar and never pour boiling water on it as that denatures it. If you're not used to cider vinegar, start with a teaspoonful in a glass of warm water 3 times a day. Gradually increase the dose as you get used to it. Since blackstrap molasses is also good for arthritis, I add a spoonful of that to my cider vinegar drink, which makes it more palatable besides adding a lot more minerals than honey would."
And lael adds this response to Jane's posting: "I've had great results since using apple cider vinegar in regard to my joints. My knuckles are no longer irritated and stiff and the burning sensation I'd feel in around my knees when I'd bend down is gone."
Other health topics being discussed on the HSI Forum this week include: The enhancement of bone-building and lymph circulation by "rebounding" is discussed in a thread titled "Trampoline question (bones, lymph)." "Prostate Cancer/vitamin E" provides a companion discussion to Wednesday's e-Alert, "Icing the Pizza" (see below). In a thread about "Depression," members offer alternatives to using drugs to treat depression To read the postings on these topics, or to add comments of your own, log on to our web site at

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

# 17 Modern Miracle Men still valid


PRESENTED BY MR. FLETCHER JUNE 1 (calendar day, JUNE 5), 1936.-Ordered to be printed
This quiet, unballyhooed pioneer and genius in the field of nutrition demonstrates that countless human ills stem from the fact that impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with the mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health! To overcome this alarming condition, he doctors sick soils and, by seeming miracles, raises truly healthy and health-giving fruits and vegetables.
(By Rex Beach)
Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance! The alarming fact is that foods---fruits and vegetables and grains--now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us--no matter how much of them we eat! This talk about minerals is novel and quite startling. In fact, a realization of the importance of minerals in food is so new that the textbooks on nutritional dietetics contain very little about it. Nevertheless, it is something that concerns all of us, and the further we delve into it the more startling it becomes. You'd think, wouldn't you, that a carrot is a carrot--that one is about as good as another as far as nourishment is concerned? But it isn't; one carrot may look and taste like another and yet be lacking in the particular mineral element which our system requires and which carrots are supposed to contain. Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs and even the milk and themeats of today are not what they were a few generations ago. (Which doubtless explains why our forefathers thrived on a selection of foods that would starve us!) No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health, because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them! And we are running to big stomachs. No longer does a balanced and fully nourishing diet consist merely of so many calories or certain vitamins or a fixed proportion of starches, proteins, and carbohydrates. We now know that it must contain, in addition, some thing like a score of mineral salts. It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99% of the American people are deficient in these minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack of one or another element, however microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer, shorten our lives. This discovery is one of the latest and most important contributions of science to the problem of human health. So far as the records go, the first man in this field of research, the first to demonstrate that most human foods of our day are poor in minerals and that their proportions are not balanced, was Dr. Charles Northen, an Alabama physician now living at Orlando, Fla. His discoveries and achievements are of enormous importance to mankind. Following a wide experience in general practice, Dr. Northen specialized in stomach diseases and nutritional disorders. Later, he moved to New York and made extensive studies along this line, in conjunction with a famous French scientist from the Sorbonne. In the course of that work he convinced himself that there was little authentic, definite information on the chemistry of foods, and that no dependence could be placed on existing data. He asked himself how foods could be used intelligently in the treatment of disease, when they differed so widely in content. The answer seemed to be that they could not be used intelligently. In establishing the fact that serious deficiencies existed and in searching out the reasons therefor, he made an extensive study of the soil. It was he who first voiced the surprising assertion that we must make soil building the basis of food building in order to accomplish human building. "Bear in mind," says Dr. Northen, "that minerals are vital to human metabolism and health--and that no plant or animal can appropriate to itself any mineral which is not present in the soil upon which it feeds. "When I first made this statement I was ridiculed, for up to that time people had paid little attention to food deficiencies and even less to soil deficiencies. Men eminent in medicine denied there was any such thing as vegetables and fruits that did not contain sufficient minerals for human needs. Eminent agricultural authorities insisted that all soil contained all necessary minerals. They reasoned that plants take what they need, and that it is the function of the human body to appropriate what it requires. Failure to do so, they said, was a symptom of disorder. "Some of our respected authorities even claimed that the so-called secondary minerals played no part whatever in human health. It is only recently that such men as Dr. McCollum of Johns Hopkins, Dr. Mendel of Yale, Dr. Sherman of Columbia, Dr. Lipman of Rutgers, and Drs. H. G. Knight and Oswald Schreiner of the United States Department of Agriculture have agreed that these minerals are essential to plant, animal, and human feeding. "We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition, and that each of them is of importance for the normal function of some special structure in the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. "It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body's appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. "Neither does the layman realize that there may be a pronounced difference in both food and soils--to him one vegetable, one glass of milk, or one egg is about the same as another. Dirt is dirt, too, and he assumes that by adding a little fertilizer to it, a satisfactory vegetable or fruit can be grown. "The truth is that our foods vary enormously in value, and some of them aren't worth eating as food. For example, vegetation grown in one part of the country may assay 1,100 parts, per billion, of iodine, as against 20 in that grown elsewhere. Processed milk has run anywhere from 362 parts, per million, of iodine and 127 of iron, down to nothing. "Some of our lands, even in a virgin state, never were well balanced in mineral content, and unhappily for us, we have been systematically robbing the poor soils and the good soils alike of the very substances most necessary to health, growth, long life, and resistance to disease. Up to the time I began experimenting, almost nothing had been done to make good the theft. "The more I studied nutritional problems and the effects of mineral deficiencies upon disease, the more plainly I saw that here lay the most direct approach to better health, and the more important it became in my mind to find a method of restoring those missing minerals to our foods. "The subject interested me so profoundly that I retired from active medical practice, and for a good many years now, I have devoted myself to it. It's a fasinating subject, for it goes to the heart of human betterment." The results obtained by Dr. Northen are outstanding. By putting back into foods the stuff that foods are made of, he has proved himself to be a real miracle man of medicine, for he has opened up the shortest and most rational route to better health. He showed first that it should be done, and then that it could be done. He doubled and redoubled the natural mineral content of fruits and vegetables. He improved the quality of milk by increasing the iron and the iodine in it. He caused hens to lay eggs richer in the vital elements. By scientific soil feeding he raised better seed potatoes in Maine, better grapes in California, better oranges in Florida and better field crops in other States. (By "better" is meant not only an improvement in food value but also an increase in quality and quantity.) Before going further into the results he has obtained, let's see just what is involved in this matter of "mineral deficiencies", what it may mean to our health, and how it may affect the growth and development, both mental and physical, of our children. We know that rats, guinea pigs, and other animals can be fed into a diseased condition and out again by controlling only the minerals in their food. A 10-year test with rats proved that by withholding calcium they can be bred down to a third the size of those fed with an adequate amount of that mineral. Their intelligence, too, can be controlled by mineral feeding as readily as can their size, their bony structure, and their general health. Place a number of these little animals inside a maze after starving some of them in a certain mineral element. The starved ones will be unable to find their way out, whereas the others will have little or no difficulty in getting out.Their dispositions can be altered by mineral feeding. They can be made quarrelsome and belligerent; they can even be turned into cannibals and be made to devour each other. A cageful of normal rats will live in amity. Restrict their calcium, and they will become irritable and draw apart from one another. Then they will begin to fight. Restore their calcium balance and they will grow more friendly; in time they will begin to sleep in a pile as before. Many backward children are "stupid" merely because they are deficient in magnesia. We punish them for our failure to feed them properly. Certainly our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take into our systems than upon calories or vitamins or upon the precise proportions of starch, protein, or carbohydrates we consume. It is now agreed that at least 16 mineral elements are indispensable for normal nutrition, and several more are always found in small amounts in the body, although their precise physiological role has not been determined. Of the 11 indispensable salts, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are perhaps the most important. Calcium is the dominant nerve controller; it powerfully affects the cell formation of all living things and regulates nerve action. It governs contractility of the muscles and the rhythmic beat of the heart. It also coordinates the other mineral elements and corrects disturbances made by them. It works only in sunlight. Vitamin D is its buddy. Dr. Sherman of Columbia asserts that 50 percent of the American people are starving for calcium. A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that out of 4,000 cases in New York Hospital, only 2 were not suffering from a lack of calcium. What does such a deficiency mean? How would it affect your health or mine? So many morbid conditions and actual diseases may result that it is almost hopeless to catalogue them. Included in the list are rickets, bony deformities, bad teeth, nervous disorders, reduced resistance to other diseases, fatigability, and behavior disturbances such as incorrigibility, assaultiveness, nonadaptability. Here's one specific example: The soil around a certain midwest city is poor in calcium. Three hundred children of this community were examined and nearly 90 percent had bad teeth, 69 percent showed affections of the nose and throat, swollen glands, enlarged or diseased tonsils. More than one-third had defective vision, round shoulders, bow legs, and anemia. Calcium and phosphorus appear to pull in double harness. A child requires as much per day as two grown men, but studies indicate a common deficiency of both in our food. Researches on farm animals point to a deficiency of one or the other as the cause of serious losses to the farmers, and when the soil is poor in phosphorus these animals become bone-chewers. Dr. McCollum says that when there are enough phosphates in the blood there can be no dental decay. Iron is an essential constituent of the oxygen-carrying pigment of the blood: iron starvation results in anemia, and yet iron cannot be assimilated unless some copper is contained in the diet. In Florida many cattle die from an obscure disease called "salt sickness." It has been found to arise from a lack of iron and copper in the soil and hence in the grass. A man may starve for want of these elements just as a beef "critter" starves. If iodine is not present in our foods, the function of the thyroid gland is disturbed and goiter afflicts us. The human body requires only fourteen-thousandths of a milligram daily, yet we have a distinct "goiter belt" in the Great Lakes section, and in parts of the Northwest the soil is so poor in iodine that the disease is common. So it goes, down through the list, each mineral element playing a definite role in nutrition. A characteristic set of symptoms, just as specific as any vitamin-deficiency disease, follows a deficiency in any one of them. It is alarming, there-fore, to face the fact that we are starving for these precious, health-giving substances. Very well, you say, if our foods are poor in the mineral salts they are supposed to contain, why not resort to dosing? That is precisely what is being done, or being attempted. However, those who should know assert that the human system cannot appropriate those elements to the best advantage in any but the food form. At best, only a part of them in the form of drugs can be utilized by the body, and certain dietitians go so far as to say it is a waste of effort to fool with them. Calcium, for instance, cannot be supplied in any form of medication with lasting effect. But there is a more potent reason why the curing of diet deficiencies by drugging hasn't worked out so well. Consider those 16 indispensable elements and those others which pre-sumably perform some obscure function as yet undetermined. Aside from calcium and phosphorus, they are needed only in infinitesimal quantities, and the activity of one may be dependent upon the presence of another. To determine the precise requirements of each individual case and to attempt to weigh it out on a druggist's scales would appear hopeless. It is a problem and a serious one. But here is the hopeful side of the picture: Nature can and will solve it if she is encouraged to do so. The minerals in fruit and vegetables are colloidal; i. e., they are in a state of such extremely fine suspension that they can be assimilated by the human system: It is merely a question of giving back to nature the materials with which she works. We must rebuild our soils: Put back the minerals we have taken out. That sounds difficult, but it isn't. Neither is it expensive. There-in lies the short cut to better health and longer life. When Dr. Northen first asserted that many foods were lacking in mineral content and that this deficiency was due solely to an absence of those elements in the soil, his findings were challenged and he was called a crank. But differences of opinion in the medical profession are not uncommon--it was only 60 years ago that the Medical Society of Boston passed a resolution condemning the use of bathtubs--and he persisted in his assertion that inasmuch as foods did not contain what they were supposed to contain, no physician could, with certainty prescribe a diet to overcome physical ills. He showed that the textbooks are not dependable because many of the analyses in them were made many years ago, perhaps from products raised in virgin soils, whereas our soils have been constantly depleted. Soil analyses, he pointed out, reflect only the content of samples. One analysis may be entirely different from another made 10 miles away. "And so what?" came the query. Dr. Northen undertook to demonstrate that something could be done about it. By reestablishing a proper soil balance he actually grew crops that contained an ample amount of the desired minerals. This was incredible. It was contrary to the books and it upset everything connected with diet practice. The scoffers began to pay attention to him. Recently the Southern Medical Association, realizing the hopelessness of trying to remedy nutritional deficiencies without positive factors to work with, recommended a careful study content of foodstuffs and the variations due to soil depletion in different localities. These progressive medical men are awake to the importance of prevention. Dr. Northen went even further and proved that crops grown in a properly mineralized soil were bigger and better; that seeds germinated quicker, grew more rapidly and made larger plants; that trees were healthier and put on more fruit of better quality. By increasing the mineral content of citrus fruit he likewise improved its texture, its appearance and its flavor. He experimented with a variety of growing things, and in every case the story was the same. By mineralizing the feed at poultry farms, he got more and better eggs; by balancing pasture soils, he produced richer milk. Persistently he hammered home to farmers, to doctors, and to the general public the thought that life depends upon the minerals. His work led him into a careful study of the effects of climate, sunlight, ultraviolet and thermal rays upon plant, animal, and human hygiene. In consequence he moved to Florida. People familiar with his work consider him the most valuable man in the State. I met him by reason of the fact that I was harassed by certain soil problems on my Florida farm which had baffled the best chemists and fertilizer experts available. He is an elderly, retiring man, with a warm smile and an engaging personality. He is a trifle shy until be opens up on his pet topic; then his diffidence disappears and he speaks with authority. His mind is a storehouse crammed with precise, scientific data about soil and food chemistry, the complicated life processes of plants, animals, and human beings--and the effect of malnutrition upon all three. He is perhaps as close to the secret of life as any man anywhere. "Do you call yourself a soil or a food chemist?" I inquired. "Neither. I'm an M.D. My work lies in the field of bio-chemistry and nutrition. I gave up medicine because this is a wider and a more important work. Sick soils mean sick plants, sick animals, and sick people. Physical, mental, and moral fitness depends largely upon an ample supply and a proper pro-portion of the minerals in our foods. Nerve function, nerve stability, nerve cell-building likewise depend thereon. I'm really a doctor of sick soils." "Do you mean to imply that the vegetables I'm raising on my farm are sick?" I asked. "Precisely! They're as weak and undernourished as anemic children. They're not much good as food. Look at the pests and the diseases that plague them. Insecticides cost farmers nearly as much as fertilizer these days. "A healthy plant, however, grown in soil properly balanced, can and will resist most insect pests. That very characteristic makes it a better food product. You have tuberculosis and pneumonia germs in your system but you're strong enough to throw them off. Similarly, a really healthy plant will pretty nearly take care of itself in the battle against insects and blights and will also give the human system what it requires." "Good heavens! Do you realize what that means to agriculture?" "Perfectly. Enormous savings. Better crops. Lowered living costs to the rest of us. But I'm not so much interested in agriculture as in health." "It sounds beautifully theoretical and utterly impractical to me," I told the doctor., whereupon he gave me some of his case records. For instance, in an orange grove infested with scale, when he restored the mineral balance to part of the soil, the trees growing in that part became clean while the rest remained diseased. By the same means he had grown healthy rosebushes between rows that were riddled by insects. He had grown tomato and cucumber plants, both healthy and diseased,where the vines intertwined. The bugs ate up the diseased and refused to touch the healthy plants! He showed me interesting analyses of citrus fruit, the chemistry and the food value of which accurately reflected the soil treatment the trees had received. There is no space here to go fully into Dr. Northen's work, but it is of such importance as to rank with that of Burbank, the plant wizard, and with that of our famous physiologists and nutritional experts. "Healthy plants mean healthy people", said he. "We can't raise a strong race on a weak soil. Why don't you try mending the deficiencies on your farm and growing more minerals into your crops?" I did try and I succeeded. I was planting a large acreage of celery and under Dr. Northen's direction I fed minerals into certain blocks of the land in varying amounts. When the plants from this soil were mature, I had them analyzed, along with celery from other parts of the State. It was the most careful and comprehensive study of the kind ever made, and it included over 250 separate chemical deter-minations. I was amazed to learn that my celery had more than twice the mineral content of the best grown elsewhere. Furthermore, it kept much better with and without refrigeration, proving that the cell structure was sounder. In 1927, Mr. W. W. Kincaid, a "gentleman farmer" of Niagara Falls,heard an address by Dr. Northen and was so impressed that he began extensive experiments in the mineral feeding of plants and animals. The results he has accomplished are conspicuous. He set himself the task of increasing the iodine in the milk from his dairy herd. He has succeeded in adding both iodine and iron so liberally that one glass of his milk contains all of these minerals that an adult man requires for a day. Is this significant? Listen to these incredible figures taken from a bulletin of the South Carolina Food Research Commission: "In many sections three out of five persons have goiter and a recent estimate states that 30 million people in the United States suffer from it." Foods rich in iodine are of the greatest importance to these sufferers. Mr. Kincaid took a brown Swiss heifer calf which was dropped in thestockyards, and by raising her on mineralized pasturage and a properlybalanced diet made her the third all-time champion of her breed! Inone season she gave 21,924 pounds of milk. He raised her butterfat production from 410 pounds in 1 year to 1,037 pounds. Results like these are of incalculable importance. Others besides Mr. Kincaid arefollowing the trail Dr. Northen blazed. Similar experiments with milk have been made in Illinois and nearly every fertilizer company is beginning to urge use of the rare mineral elements. As an example, I quote from statements of a subsidiary of one of the leading copper companies: Many States show a marked reduction In the productive capacity of the soil * * * in many districts amounting to a 25 to 5O percent reduction in the last 50 years * * *. Some areas show a tenfold variation in calcium. Some show a sixtyfold variation in phos- phorus * * *. Authorities * * * see soil depletion, barren livestock, increased human death rate due to heart disease, deformities, arthritis, increased dental caries, all due to lack of essential minerals in plant foods.
"It is neither a complicated nor an expensive undertaking to restore our soils to balance and thereby work a real miracle in the control of disease," says Dr. Northen. "As a matter of fact, it's a money making move for the farmer, and any competent soil chemist can tell him how to proceed. "First determine by analysis the precise chemistry of any given soil, then correct the deficiencies by putting down enough of the missing elements to restore its balance. The same care should be used as in prescribing for a sick patient, for proportions are of vital importance. "In my early experiments I found it extremely dificult to get the varity of minerals needed in the form in which I wanted to use them, but advancement in chemistry, and especially our ever-increasing knowledge of colloidal chemistry, has solved that difficulty. It is now possible, by the use of minerals in colloidal form, to prescribe a cheap and effective system of soil correction which meets this vital need and one which fits in admirably with natures's plans. "Soils seriously deficient in minerals cannot produce plant life competent to meet our needs, and with the continuous cropping and shipping away of those concentrates, the condition becomes worse. "A famous nutrition authority recently said, 'One sure way to end the American people's susceptibility to infection is to supply through food a balanced ration of iron, copper, and other metals. An organism supplied with a diet adequate to, or preferably in excess of, all mineral requirements may so utilize these elements as to produce immunity from infection quite beyond anything we are able to produce artificially by our present method of immunization. You can't make up the deficiency by using patent medicine.' "He's absolutely right. Prevention of disease is easier, more practical, and more economical than cure, but not until foods are standardized on a basis of what they contain instead of what they look like can the dietitian prescribe them with intelligence and with effect. "There was a time when medical therpy had no standards because the therapeutic elements in drugs had not been definitely determined on a chemical basis. Pharmaceutical houses have changed all that. Food chemistry, on the other hand, has depended almost entirely upon governmental agencies for its research, and in our real knowledge of values we are about where medicine was a century ago. "Disease preys most surely and most viciously on the under-nourished and unfit plants, animals, and human beings alike, and when the importance of these obscure mineral elements is fully realized the chemistry of life will have to be rewritten. No man knows his mental or bodiliy capacity, how well he can feel or how long he can live, for we are all cripples and weaklings: It is a disgrace to science. Happily, that chemistry is being rewritten and we're on our way to better health by returning to the soil the things we have stolen from it. "The public can help; it can hasten the change. How? By demanding quality in its food. By insisting that our doctors and our health departments establish scientific standards of nutritional value. "The growers will quickly respond. They can put back those minerals almost overnight, and by doing so they can actually make money through bigger and better crops. "It is simpler to cure sick soils than sick people----which shall we choose?"

Thursday, August 12, 2004

# 16 Bitter Reality

Monday, July 26, 2004Bitter Reality
From: "Nutrition and Healing -
Amanda Ross" <>
Subject: Bitter reality Date: Monday, July 26, 2004 8:35 AM Health e-Tips Monday July 26, 2004 Dear Reader,
The statistics on diabetes are getting completely out of hand. We're talking about a major epidemic here -- and an avoidable one -- which makes it even more frustrating to watch. First, take a look at the numbers. Four years ago, there were 171 million people worldwide with the disease. That number is expected to rise to 366 million by 2030 -- more than doubling in just 30 years. But that's not even the part that sent a shiver down my spine. What I found even more disturbing is that that will be the increase only if obesity rates remain stable. We all know what is happening to obesity rates, not only in this country, but worldwide, as more and more people are lured to adopt a Western diet. It's a frightening equation. Sadly, one that's going to kill or disable a lot of people -- early and unnecessarily. You would think that the FDA and other so-called "health" agencies would be feeling the same sense of panic and dismay about these numbers as you and I do -- and that they would want to do something about it. Like support reasonable efforts for curbing weight gain as a preventative measure for the skyrocketing diabetes epidemic. Ephedra was one of the top natural -- and many would argue safe when taken appropriately -- weight loss aids available. But thanks to the FDA, now it isn't around anymore. Score one for obesity. Now, consumers are turning to bitter orange as a natural replacement for ephedra to keep their weight under control. Bitter orange contains synephrine as its active ingredient -- which is in the same family as ephedrine and other stimulants. Right now, it's still on the FDA list of herbs considered generally safe -- but it is on the agency's radar, and that means it could very well be the next one banned. There's no doubt that bitter orange should be used under the supervision of a physician, because it does have the potential for side effects, and also because it is the type of herb that some people will over-do in their quest to lose weight. But banned? When drug companies run television ads for their wares, has anyone from the FDA ever noticed the extremely long and horrific list of potential side effects the announcer reels off? It can take up half the airtime of the ad. But these pharmaceuticals stay on the market -- and herbs that carry a fraction of the potential for side effects are increasingly in danger of being yanked. Perhaps this is one of my more cynical days, but it does make you wonder if the powers that be would prefer us all to be fat, depressed, diabetic, drug-dependent individuals. Let's face it, the people who look at that list of attributes and see dollar signs seem to be the ones calling the shots. But while we still can, we should take advantage of the natural herbal options available to us for all sorts of purposes, not just weight control. Working closely with a skilled natural physician or herbalist will ensure that you use the best herbs for your particular health concerns and that the dosages and combinations of those herbs are safe. For help locating a physician skilled in herbal medicine near you, contact the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) at (316)684-5500 or

Sunday, August 08, 2004

# 15 How's your wellness Tank

Is your " WELL " tank full or on " BLAH ".

So you're feeling kind of " blah " , not really sick , a hard to describe in words, feeling . Oh, you were checked over and nothing serious was found. So a prescription for "nothing serious " was given, but it was no help. Maybe you have highs and lows of the "blahs", and really are tired of the yo-yo effect and would like to be rid of the "blahs". Why not check out what you eat on a regular basis! Might not actually be the food , but what was put into the food .

Non-food things like:


Read the label and ingredient descriptions. If you find these are in the food ingredient listing, any one or combination of these might be the culprit in keeping you on the edge of the "blahs"
Sulfites are toxic.
Sulfites are chemicals
Sulfites are used to prevent spoilage and improve the visual
look of food. Sulfites are added to the food for purposes other
than nutrition. They can cause you to feel " blah" , and even "
make " you sick enough to visit a hospital emergency room
in some circumstances
. Check the food labels.

Look for words like:

sodium metabisulfite.
potassium metabisulfite.
sulfur dioxide.

Seems like, up to 90 % of purchased groceries contain sulfites. Many of the prescription drugs and OTC medications also contain sulfites ! I wonder why, as they serve no beneficial health or nutrition purpose ! If you feel " well " most of the time, wonderful, but if you are in the "sensitive to sulfites" group, and don't feel " well ", and medical checkups indicate "no problem",
check it out, by reading " what's in " the food you eat. These non-food ingredients can or may induce various symptoms and allergic reactions. Like what you ask? Well maybe only little things perhaps, flu-like syndromes, runny nose, sneezing, and headache. But some could cause you to be sick enough to want to visit a hospital emergency room .

MSG is another common toxic compound, and many think only a Chinese restaurant uses it. MSG is a flavor enhancer only, and has no known nutritional value. It is classified by some researchers as a "neurotoxin" and as such could cause nerve and brain damage.

May be associated with Lou Gerhrig's disease,
Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

Whenever there is breading on a product , there is also MSG in that breading, meaning , virtually all fast food places and boxed mixes.

Look for the words:

hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
autolized yeast.
hydrolyzed yeast.
vegetable powder.
natural flavors.

While one could experience many other symptoms, some common ones include chest pain, depression, dizziness, fatigue, hot flashes, sore throat.

Food dyes make for wonderful colors that appeal to the eye only. Most people would not even recognize a "real " natural food. Given a choice , most would purchase the color , most appealing to the eye. I know I've done it, shame, on me. The big concern is "how sensitive are you to these things". Most dyes are known carcinogens.
People that get really bad headaches , may actually be getting it from Yellow Dye # 5. If your allergic to aspirin , your also allergic to Yellow Dye # 5 . You may see this dye listed as " tartrazine " on the labels.

Strange, but true, here are some of the known cancer causing chemicals that can, and are legally added to our foods:

coal tar derivatives ( food dyes, artificial flavors )
acetaldehyde ( a nerve and brain toxin )
propylene glycol ( common antifreeze )
chlorine dioxide ( a toxic chlorine gas, is poison to the lungs and intestines)
butane ( lighter fluid )

To their credit Land O' Lakes of Minnesota changed their butter formula and removed the carcinogenic coal tar dye " Butter Yellow ", and added a non-toxic natural dye, annato.
So buy Land O' Lakes butter.
Maybe with a little extra care in what you eat, you can get rid of the "blahs" and actually starting to feeling "good".
It has been my experience that what you eat, at any given time, that doesn't agree with ones system, and is going to cause a problem, may not cause a problem, until two or three days after eating that food. So what I'm saying here, is that when some odd-ball "not-well" thing hits , trace back two or three days for the food that was the "trigger".
My responding to the " triggers " is pretty much on "auto-pilot",
I do not wait for symptoms the "triggers" are warning me about.
There have been occasions when I get an immediate "trigger" that what I just ate is going to be a problem. I will "right at that point" take a dose of either" Super Tonic " or " GSE ( Grapefruit Seed Extract) " .
These items are listed elsewhere on this Blog.
When I'm aware that "some thing" is going to "hit" and I've already taken my SS or GSE , I just ride out the "blah" period.
Most "blahs" will pass away in a day or two.
If one were to have gone to the doctor, chances are , nothing would be found wrong. You're "blahs" thing is almost over, but you were probably given an antibiotic , just in case!

While I have no proof of any kind, and using only what my awareness to my bodies " triggers " are, will say MOST meat and produce are contaminated in some way, with something, that shouldn't be there.
Guess the moral of this story is that ALL meat and produce , need to be washed and rinsed in some way !

Try if you will , for thirty days , of no foods eaten, with the non-food things listed here . See how and what happens health wise. It is almost impossible, to find "good" food, but it can be done.

But who'll believe me!

There is much more involved here, than is written .
But again you get the gist of what can happen.

Be Well All


Friday, August 06, 2004

# 14 Oil of Oregano # 2


Wild Oregano is a very powerful oil. It is especially effective with fungus. Wild Oregano Oil can be applied to nail fungus. Put a drop on the end of the nail as well as the root area of the nail. Candida is a fungus, so it can be used to help combat this persistent problem. Wild Oregano Oil can be taken internally (a drop or so with a glass of orange juice) to clean out bacteria and fungal growth in the intestinal tract. Fungal infections often appear after cortisone treatments.
It appears cortisone helps promote fungus growth by reducing the body's natural protection against it. Wild Oregano Oil can be used for sinus, arthritis, asthma, and growing pains.
For arthritis and growing pains, apply topically on the pain location.
The asthma inhalers prescribed usually mask the real reasons for the asthma and have a short term effect. Oregano Oil helps to treat the root cause of problem.You can use topically on the chest or internally as mentioned above. Oregano Oil Destroys Streptococcus Pneumoniae, E. coli, and Fungi In Lab In several new experiments, researchers have found that some essential oils --in particular, those derived from oregano, thyme and rosewood --create a lytic reaction (cell death/disruption) in microorganisms, including Streptococcus pneumoniae.
Dr. Diane Horne of Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, told the 98th general assembly of the American Society of Microbiology that the discovery of the impact of the oils on cells such as Streptococcus pneumoniae occurred through a bit of serendipity. A co-researcher was spraying aromatic oils in the laboratory. When I looked at the S. pneumoniae that I was preparing for
another experiment, the cells were just falling apart, Horne reported. According to Horne, the oils also demonstrated efficacy against E. coli and several species of fungi. But she said that the oils did not seem to adversely affect Staphylococcus aureus.
While the oils appeared to work in test tube and Petri dish experiments, Horne said that, It is too soon to say if the oils will have an impact against S. pneumoniae in people. She commented that the use of aromatherapy with the effective oils would not be harmful to a patientwith S. pneumoniae infection, and it might even prove helpful in controlling the infection.

Not for use on children under 5 or during pregnancy.

To Order Call 800-881-3598

Nutrition World Online

The People You have come to Know and Trust 800-881-3598

# 13 Microhormone Messengers

Meet the Eicosanoids

What Are Eicosanoids?

Eicosanoids are “super hormones" because they affect the
synthesis of virtually every other hormone in one’s body.
Eicosanoids are the body’s cellular check and balance system.
Eicosanoids are controlled by dietary fat and insulin.
In other words, eicosanoids can be controlled if one is
consuming the correct amount of Omega-6 and Omega-3
polyunsaturated fatty acids (“PUFAs”) and controlling a
good hormonal balance between insulin and glucagon.
Eicosanoids come from the Greek “eicosa” which
means twenty. They are twenty carbon compounds which
are powerful substances that influence 60 trillion cells in our body.

Eicosanoids are either “good” or “bad” and have opposing
actions. A BALANCE of these opposing actions spells good
health whereas an imbalance spells disease. Decreases in
insulin, loss of excess body fat and a state of wellness are all
indicators relating to a good balance of eicosanoids .
An imbalance of eicosanoids can be responsible for many
reactions in our body including allergies, asthma, arthritis,
heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, depression,
chronic infection and Alzheimer’s disease.
So do some more reading about eicosanoids on your own.
You controll it by what you eat. This is a very recent discovery,
and many doctors and most people ( me included )
never heard of it before.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

# 12 Are You In Perfect Health !

Please don't Read This Blurb.
It is the rantings of a totally mad , nut case !
Nothing written here applies to you anyway.
So why read it?

It is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Unless of course , It aint

So why bother, scroll away from here, and retain your sanity.

Okay , are you ready, do you dare read on ?

If you don't feel right , don't feel well , are sick, do hurt , do feel like the walls are crashing in on you, find that there are not enough hours in a day, find that there are too many hours in a day, are easily frustrated or hurt feeling wise, have forgotten what a sunset or sunrise looks and feels like, or can't recall what a rose looks like, unable to rest properly, unable to awaken properly refreshed?
Add in whatever else you can think of, into the above list .
( but exclude of course , all that is outside of a crude, large,
and broad range , "of nutty normal" )
So now, regardless of what you add in, you'll find it fits into one or more of these categories. Hope no one successfully hits all nine.
The order as listed here is of no importance :
1 - eating process.
2 - exercising process.
3 - breathing process.
4 - bowel movements process
5 - urination process.
6 - thinking process.
7 - sleeping routine process
And here from an earlier blurb on my Blog:
8 - " Stop doing the things that made you sick".
9 - " Stop thinking about negative things in you're life".

The stage is all set so to speak, lets begin the quest ! Questions that pops up frequently , when people speak with me, asking if I did this , " can you guarantee that nothing will go wrong ? "Another is " are you a doctor? ", and "only a doctor can diagnose, like the TV ads show ". I can only say " nope, nope, and maybe " to those things.

I'm not asking you to do anything here, just read and think on it or just move on .
Sheesh, the harder I try to avoid " doctor bashing ", the more difficult it becomes.
In my bag of experiences , I've seen way to many people who have doctored themselves into "medical basket cases ".
So it appears that even doctors can't guarantee good results.
Am I a doctor , heck no , with my background of stomping around the back forty all day, milking cows by hand, slopping the hogs, throwing stones at the chickens, and daydreaming half the day,
I'm lucky I managed to learn how to even, read and write. Doctors , scientists , and theologians argue with each other on who is right and who is wrong and why. Me, why I just sit back and focus on what they argue about. Saves me a lot of time in research hours.
Now if these elite groups have created a schism in their ranks, and they have, on who is right and who is wrong , I can be just as totally right or wrong , as they are, using their own learned research in doing so.

So you believe that " only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe " .
Actually, that's not true.
First , bless all the doctors, now call the police or medical society.
Why ! Probably not a day goes by , in which we don't perform, what only doctors are allowed to do, that is , " diagnose a medical condition and prescribe a fix ", and we break the law, by doing so.
Doing any of these things, qualifies you as a law breaker:
if you fix or take some thing for: a headache, a cold or flu, sprained wrist , ankle or what ever,
eat when your hungry, and the list goes on and on. Now give what is said here, some thought.
If you do or apply any of these processes to alleviate any of the conditions listed , you are, theoretically diagnosing , practicing , and prescribing medicine with out a license.
Say what! That's nit-picking you say!
Spare me, it sure is, but that's what this is all about.

Look, I'm not speaking here about major surgery, or some obscure condition that warrants professional help. Your still doctoring the little things, without a doctors license.
Be realistic here. Even I manage to visit a doctor , when my need is there.
Do I allow them full, free rein of action, nope, not even close.

So what's the point here!

Consider this now, you are probably already doing a fine job of keeping yourself "fixed" health wise in many ways. No big deal, you say, now that's not true.

It is a big deal. Even Fantastic.

You, I , we, are already great "healers" so to speak, with the little stuff, if you've done any of the things listed above.
So if you still have concerns, health wise , well , take it step by step.
When one looks at an overall health concern, they might be inclined to give up.
If all the high priced , high tech, fancy tests come up empty, and nothing shows up as causing you the problem you have.
Than its time to look else where for help.
How many more times, visits to the doctor, admittance into the hospital, snip this out , snip that out, burn some parts out, receive near lethal doses of radiation, get put on drugs for the rest
of your life , glue some part in, and still not feel healthy!
Something is seriously wrong, when things like that can happen.
Sure is time to seek help else where.
Don't give up.

Focus on only one health concern at a time, doing so may surprise you when a major
condition is corrected unexpectedly.

A whole separate subject, is the ability of our body to heal itself, the process is not greatly understood, and is why, what is commonly called spontaneous or spiritual healing, take place.

At this point, many believe they are unable to do much more to improve ones health.
Wrong again.
There is a lot one can do. Problems can and do arise if any illness and the associative connective process to the list below, is not considered.
Some times it appears that there is no connection, but there is.
If anything affects even one process, all processes are affected.

So lets check it out. Back to our listings:
1 - eating process. Anything you eat or drink.
2 - exercising process. Any deliberate repeated movement.
3 - breathing process. Deep belly breaths.
4 - bowel movements process One every day.
5 - urination process. Little or no odor , pale to clear in color.
6 - thinking process. How and what you allow all the time.
7 - sleeping routine process . Take five minutes and prepare for a good sleep.
8 - " Stop doing the things that made you sick".
9 - " Stop thinking about negative things in you're life".
( more here from an earlier posting )
10 - This brings to mind that old saying one often hears, "KISS", meaning " keep it simple stupid".
11 - Like another saying goes" how does one eat a big elephant, piece by piece".

Apply a little effort in any of these eleven listed areas, and you will see some improvement in your health.

Apply a lot of effort in any of these eleven listed areas, and you will see lots of improvement in your health.

Apply a lot of effort in eleven of the listed areas, and you could be absolutely amazed with the outcome.

There are reams of information available on each of the items shown, some good, some not so good. Look them up, sort out the facts, use common sense, use gut reactions and don't be concerned about doing a bit of experimentation, after doing your home work.

Talk to your doctor, if needed, see if they will monitor and assist, in what you want to do.
( and you thought that I only bashed doctors, huh )
I could have added things like water, massage, prayers, meditation , etc, but wanted as basic a list as possible, other wise its too big of a " not so good health " thing to handle.

Will cover the listed and numbered items as my desire to do so, strikes, and by the interests of my readers to want to hear more, on the subjects mentioned.
Please understand though , that what works for me , may not work for you.
But you get a feel for the process involved and any reactions as they came up.

Little things, like doubt, aggravation, frustration, total failure, the oh my's, the ahhaas, and the successes.
Well if your up to it, TRY A LITTLE PROJECT for sixty days.
( oh boy, your gonna hate me on this one )

Using the " KISS " method , and the cost free method to start:
A - avoid any product that has fructose or
"high-fructose corn syrup ( HFCS ) in it.
B - avoid all soft drinks.
C - avoid all non-sugar sweeteners.
D - avoid all fat free or fat reduced products.
C - avoid all sausage and processed cheese ( real cheese is OK )
D - avoid all partially hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenated oil is bad enough, so skip it too if you can!
E - optional, eat at least one egg a day ( if not allergic to them ).
F - optional, eat a piece of cooked red meat, as large as your palm, every day.
G - optional, eat some fresh fruit and some fresh vegetables every day
H - eat anything else you want, but no more than a palm size portion per meal.
I - eat regular butter and / or use Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Keep a record of what takes place.
Make a list of your health concerns.

You will suffer a sugar withdrawal crises doing this !

Do the same kind of list at the end of sixty days ( if your still alive ) that is.

Did some health concerns just disappear from the list.

What's that, you're even feeling much healthier!
Amazing isn't it.

Maybe , more to come, another time.