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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

# 12 Are You In Perfect Health !

Please don't Read This Blurb.
It is the rantings of a totally mad , nut case !
Nothing written here applies to you anyway.
So why read it?

It is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Unless of course , It aint

So why bother, scroll away from here, and retain your sanity.

Okay , are you ready, do you dare read on ?

If you don't feel right , don't feel well , are sick, do hurt , do feel like the walls are crashing in on you, find that there are not enough hours in a day, find that there are too many hours in a day, are easily frustrated or hurt feeling wise, have forgotten what a sunset or sunrise looks and feels like, or can't recall what a rose looks like, unable to rest properly, unable to awaken properly refreshed?
Add in whatever else you can think of, into the above list .
( but exclude of course , all that is outside of a crude, large,
and broad range , "of nutty normal" )
So now, regardless of what you add in, you'll find it fits into one or more of these categories. Hope no one successfully hits all nine.
The order as listed here is of no importance :
1 - eating process.
2 - exercising process.
3 - breathing process.
4 - bowel movements process
5 - urination process.
6 - thinking process.
7 - sleeping routine process
And here from an earlier blurb on my Blog:
8 - " Stop doing the things that made you sick".
9 - " Stop thinking about negative things in you're life".

The stage is all set so to speak, lets begin the quest ! Questions that pops up frequently , when people speak with me, asking if I did this , " can you guarantee that nothing will go wrong ? "Another is " are you a doctor? ", and "only a doctor can diagnose, like the TV ads show ". I can only say " nope, nope, and maybe " to those things.

I'm not asking you to do anything here, just read and think on it or just move on .
Sheesh, the harder I try to avoid " doctor bashing ", the more difficult it becomes.
In my bag of experiences , I've seen way to many people who have doctored themselves into "medical basket cases ".
So it appears that even doctors can't guarantee good results.
Am I a doctor , heck no , with my background of stomping around the back forty all day, milking cows by hand, slopping the hogs, throwing stones at the chickens, and daydreaming half the day,
I'm lucky I managed to learn how to even, read and write. Doctors , scientists , and theologians argue with each other on who is right and who is wrong and why. Me, why I just sit back and focus on what they argue about. Saves me a lot of time in research hours.
Now if these elite groups have created a schism in their ranks, and they have, on who is right and who is wrong , I can be just as totally right or wrong , as they are, using their own learned research in doing so.

So you believe that " only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe " .
Actually, that's not true.
First , bless all the doctors, now call the police or medical society.
Why ! Probably not a day goes by , in which we don't perform, what only doctors are allowed to do, that is , " diagnose a medical condition and prescribe a fix ", and we break the law, by doing so.
Doing any of these things, qualifies you as a law breaker:
if you fix or take some thing for: a headache, a cold or flu, sprained wrist , ankle or what ever,
eat when your hungry, and the list goes on and on. Now give what is said here, some thought.
If you do or apply any of these processes to alleviate any of the conditions listed , you are, theoretically diagnosing , practicing , and prescribing medicine with out a license.
Say what! That's nit-picking you say!
Spare me, it sure is, but that's what this is all about.

Look, I'm not speaking here about major surgery, or some obscure condition that warrants professional help. Your still doctoring the little things, without a doctors license.
Be realistic here. Even I manage to visit a doctor , when my need is there.
Do I allow them full, free rein of action, nope, not even close.

So what's the point here!

Consider this now, you are probably already doing a fine job of keeping yourself "fixed" health wise in many ways. No big deal, you say, now that's not true.

It is a big deal. Even Fantastic.

You, I , we, are already great "healers" so to speak, with the little stuff, if you've done any of the things listed above.
So if you still have concerns, health wise , well , take it step by step.
When one looks at an overall health concern, they might be inclined to give up.
If all the high priced , high tech, fancy tests come up empty, and nothing shows up as causing you the problem you have.
Than its time to look else where for help.
How many more times, visits to the doctor, admittance into the hospital, snip this out , snip that out, burn some parts out, receive near lethal doses of radiation, get put on drugs for the rest
of your life , glue some part in, and still not feel healthy!
Something is seriously wrong, when things like that can happen.
Sure is time to seek help else where.
Don't give up.

Focus on only one health concern at a time, doing so may surprise you when a major
condition is corrected unexpectedly.

A whole separate subject, is the ability of our body to heal itself, the process is not greatly understood, and is why, what is commonly called spontaneous or spiritual healing, take place.

At this point, many believe they are unable to do much more to improve ones health.
Wrong again.
There is a lot one can do. Problems can and do arise if any illness and the associative connective process to the list below, is not considered.
Some times it appears that there is no connection, but there is.
If anything affects even one process, all processes are affected.

So lets check it out. Back to our listings:
1 - eating process. Anything you eat or drink.
2 - exercising process. Any deliberate repeated movement.
3 - breathing process. Deep belly breaths.
4 - bowel movements process One every day.
5 - urination process. Little or no odor , pale to clear in color.
6 - thinking process. How and what you allow all the time.
7 - sleeping routine process . Take five minutes and prepare for a good sleep.
8 - " Stop doing the things that made you sick".
9 - " Stop thinking about negative things in you're life".
( more here from an earlier posting )
10 - This brings to mind that old saying one often hears, "KISS", meaning " keep it simple stupid".
11 - Like another saying goes" how does one eat a big elephant, piece by piece".

Apply a little effort in any of these eleven listed areas, and you will see some improvement in your health.

Apply a lot of effort in any of these eleven listed areas, and you will see lots of improvement in your health.

Apply a lot of effort in eleven of the listed areas, and you could be absolutely amazed with the outcome.

There are reams of information available on each of the items shown, some good, some not so good. Look them up, sort out the facts, use common sense, use gut reactions and don't be concerned about doing a bit of experimentation, after doing your home work.

Talk to your doctor, if needed, see if they will monitor and assist, in what you want to do.
( and you thought that I only bashed doctors, huh )
I could have added things like water, massage, prayers, meditation , etc, but wanted as basic a list as possible, other wise its too big of a " not so good health " thing to handle.

Will cover the listed and numbered items as my desire to do so, strikes, and by the interests of my readers to want to hear more, on the subjects mentioned.
Please understand though , that what works for me , may not work for you.
But you get a feel for the process involved and any reactions as they came up.

Little things, like doubt, aggravation, frustration, total failure, the oh my's, the ahhaas, and the successes.
Well if your up to it, TRY A LITTLE PROJECT for sixty days.
( oh boy, your gonna hate me on this one )

Using the " KISS " method , and the cost free method to start:
A - avoid any product that has fructose or
"high-fructose corn syrup ( HFCS ) in it.
B - avoid all soft drinks.
C - avoid all non-sugar sweeteners.
D - avoid all fat free or fat reduced products.
C - avoid all sausage and processed cheese ( real cheese is OK )
D - avoid all partially hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenated oil is bad enough, so skip it too if you can!
E - optional, eat at least one egg a day ( if not allergic to them ).
F - optional, eat a piece of cooked red meat, as large as your palm, every day.
G - optional, eat some fresh fruit and some fresh vegetables every day
H - eat anything else you want, but no more than a palm size portion per meal.
I - eat regular butter and / or use Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Keep a record of what takes place.
Make a list of your health concerns.

You will suffer a sugar withdrawal crises doing this !

Do the same kind of list at the end of sixty days ( if your still alive ) that is.

Did some health concerns just disappear from the list.

What's that, you're even feeling much healthier!
Amazing isn't it.

Maybe , more to come, another time.



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Did chop and edit with this for many days. It was starting to be much too large and bulky. Guess it should have gone into being a small book, or file 13. Anyway , I felt it was time to just post it and be done with it. So for what ever it's worth,if any,I posted it.

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