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Sunday, August 08, 2004

# 15 How's your wellness Tank

Is your " WELL " tank full or on " BLAH ".

So you're feeling kind of " blah " , not really sick , a hard to describe in words, feeling . Oh, you were checked over and nothing serious was found. So a prescription for "nothing serious " was given, but it was no help. Maybe you have highs and lows of the "blahs", and really are tired of the yo-yo effect and would like to be rid of the "blahs". Why not check out what you eat on a regular basis! Might not actually be the food , but what was put into the food .

Non-food things like:


Read the label and ingredient descriptions. If you find these are in the food ingredient listing, any one or combination of these might be the culprit in keeping you on the edge of the "blahs"
Sulfites are toxic.
Sulfites are chemicals
Sulfites are used to prevent spoilage and improve the visual
look of food. Sulfites are added to the food for purposes other
than nutrition. They can cause you to feel " blah" , and even "
make " you sick enough to visit a hospital emergency room
in some circumstances
. Check the food labels.

Look for words like:

sodium metabisulfite.
potassium metabisulfite.
sulfur dioxide.

Seems like, up to 90 % of purchased groceries contain sulfites. Many of the prescription drugs and OTC medications also contain sulfites ! I wonder why, as they serve no beneficial health or nutrition purpose ! If you feel " well " most of the time, wonderful, but if you are in the "sensitive to sulfites" group, and don't feel " well ", and medical checkups indicate "no problem",
check it out, by reading " what's in " the food you eat. These non-food ingredients can or may induce various symptoms and allergic reactions. Like what you ask? Well maybe only little things perhaps, flu-like syndromes, runny nose, sneezing, and headache. But some could cause you to be sick enough to want to visit a hospital emergency room .

MSG is another common toxic compound, and many think only a Chinese restaurant uses it. MSG is a flavor enhancer only, and has no known nutritional value. It is classified by some researchers as a "neurotoxin" and as such could cause nerve and brain damage.

May be associated with Lou Gerhrig's disease,
Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

Whenever there is breading on a product , there is also MSG in that breading, meaning , virtually all fast food places and boxed mixes.

Look for the words:

hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
autolized yeast.
hydrolyzed yeast.
vegetable powder.
natural flavors.

While one could experience many other symptoms, some common ones include chest pain, depression, dizziness, fatigue, hot flashes, sore throat.

Food dyes make for wonderful colors that appeal to the eye only. Most people would not even recognize a "real " natural food. Given a choice , most would purchase the color , most appealing to the eye. I know I've done it, shame, on me. The big concern is "how sensitive are you to these things". Most dyes are known carcinogens.
People that get really bad headaches , may actually be getting it from Yellow Dye # 5. If your allergic to aspirin , your also allergic to Yellow Dye # 5 . You may see this dye listed as " tartrazine " on the labels.

Strange, but true, here are some of the known cancer causing chemicals that can, and are legally added to our foods:

coal tar derivatives ( food dyes, artificial flavors )
acetaldehyde ( a nerve and brain toxin )
propylene glycol ( common antifreeze )
chlorine dioxide ( a toxic chlorine gas, is poison to the lungs and intestines)
butane ( lighter fluid )

To their credit Land O' Lakes of Minnesota changed their butter formula and removed the carcinogenic coal tar dye " Butter Yellow ", and added a non-toxic natural dye, annato.
So buy Land O' Lakes butter.
Maybe with a little extra care in what you eat, you can get rid of the "blahs" and actually starting to feeling "good".
It has been my experience that what you eat, at any given time, that doesn't agree with ones system, and is going to cause a problem, may not cause a problem, until two or three days after eating that food. So what I'm saying here, is that when some odd-ball "not-well" thing hits , trace back two or three days for the food that was the "trigger".
My responding to the " triggers " is pretty much on "auto-pilot",
I do not wait for symptoms the "triggers" are warning me about.
There have been occasions when I get an immediate "trigger" that what I just ate is going to be a problem. I will "right at that point" take a dose of either" Super Tonic " or " GSE ( Grapefruit Seed Extract) " .
These items are listed elsewhere on this Blog.
When I'm aware that "some thing" is going to "hit" and I've already taken my SS or GSE , I just ride out the "blah" period.
Most "blahs" will pass away in a day or two.
If one were to have gone to the doctor, chances are , nothing would be found wrong. You're "blahs" thing is almost over, but you were probably given an antibiotic , just in case!

While I have no proof of any kind, and using only what my awareness to my bodies " triggers " are, will say MOST meat and produce are contaminated in some way, with something, that shouldn't be there.
Guess the moral of this story is that ALL meat and produce , need to be washed and rinsed in some way !

Try if you will , for thirty days , of no foods eaten, with the non-food things listed here . See how and what happens health wise. It is almost impossible, to find "good" food, but it can be done.

But who'll believe me!

There is much more involved here, than is written .
But again you get the gist of what can happen.

Be Well All


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