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Saturday, November 26, 2005

# 64 EFT and Heroin Addiction

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First class result for a heroin addiction

Let experienced EFT'er Aileen Nobles take you through the details of unraveling her client's 6 year heroin addiction in 4 sessions. Please note her many creative approaches, including how she uses a light switch metaphor as a means to test how well things are going. Also note that first class results like this are rare with conventional treatments. A success like this one, however, does not always mean that the job is over. Future diligence is sometimes necessary.
By Aileen Nobles
Hi Gary,
I'm quite thrilled to share another wonderful success story in progress, thanks to EFT. Kristen has been generous enough to share her testimonial with your readers so that others may take hope.
When Kristen came for her first appointment she had been on heroin for 6 years. She was participating in a methadone program yet she was still craving heroin.
She has caring parents and a good job. We searched around for how it began, and she believes she started using in high school because it was a cool thing to do. She wanted to fit in with the others.
During the first session we tapped on:
* Feelings of disconnection from her emotions and life in general. * Unsure of her place in the world.* Feeling anxious around groups of people* Anxiety and fear at the thought of not using heroin again.
GC COMMENT: Please note that all of Aileen's tapping rounds in this article are aimed at GLOBAL issues and SYMPTOMS. This is often helpful to "take the edge off" and move toward healing. As you will see, it was certainly successful in this case. In my experience, however, the foundational issues behind addictions often revolve around the SPECIFIC EVENTS underlying the reasons for needing to use drugs. These SPECIFIC EVENTS eventually become important targets in many cases.
AILEEN CONTINUES: As a child Kristen had to share her bedroom with siblings, she always felt she wanted something that was her own secret but had no privacy. Heroin became her secret.
We used a visualization of a light switch being up and on when she was out of control, and tapped as she moved into a place where she could turn her switch off into the down position. This was something she could check in on any time throughout the day.
In the second session Kristen was taking methadone on a daily basis and still thinking about heroin. Her switch was usually up and she would keep putting it down as she tapped on the karate point (indicating success).
We tapped on:* Feeling anxious and spinning out of control.* The heavy cloud hanging over her.* Feeling overwhelmed at work and becoming immobilized and frozen.* Compulsive hair pulling whenever she was anxious.* Needing drugs before going out with friends.* A breathing problem - releasing fear* Cutting down on methadone* Not needing heroin or methadone to feel good
During our third session Kristen was still taking methadone and had not yet cut down. Her breathing had greatly improved. We tapped on:
* Afraid of not feeling well and always wanting to feel better (Heroin made her feel better)* Fear of the methadone wearing off and feeling sick* Withdrawal symptoms of feeling anxious and fidgety, hot and cold, and lack of concentration.
We reinforced the ideas of not needing to have a hidden secret, as she could keep anything she wanted to herself if she chose.
We tapped on how unique and talented she was, and tapped on opening her heart. Kristen's switch was now down and stayed down. We installed the idea that she would feel better than ever as she took control of her emotions and had no desire for heroin or methadone.
In all we had three hour long sessions and a half hour phone session. This testimonial will hopefully inspire others who either have or work with this challenging issue.
Letter from Kristen
I've been decreasing my methadone for the past five weeks, and I feel good about it. I talked to my counselor about the tapping...she was very happy for me, but didn't really inquire too much about the details of EFT, which I thought was odd considering the small miracle I'd just informed her of. She did say though that she can't think of the last time someone came into her office saying they didn't crave heroin anymore and would like to get off of methadone!I feel better than I've ever felt, I don't feel plagued by that existential heaviness anymore, and I certainly don't feel like using drugs. I just feel light and happy, and normal, a thing I've always wondered what it felt like.
I think back on all the years I was using and how I always felt I would never be able to stop using, how helpless I it never occurs to me, and it's like it hardly existed because the thought literally never crosses my mind to use. All the people who say they use drugs because of this trauma or that experience or upbringing, I never felt that's just like I always thought, that I was a sane normal functioning person trapped in an addict's mind and body, or like a demon inside me. If only I could rid myself of that compulsion, I'd be fine because I don't have those kinds of issues. And that's exactly what happened.Thank you Aileen!
Aileen comments
Since receiving the letter above, Kristen came for another session. She had cut down on her methadone so much that she was feeling "sick." I asked her what sick felt like and she said it was the same feeling she had when she was coming down off heroin. She also had a fear of not going to the clinic every day. Without her habit...who would she be?"
We tapped on:
*Not needing to feel the sickness as her body knew how to compensate as she withdrew from methadone.*Releasing the need to have a crutch*Letting go of destructive habits *Re-inventing herself
We did some light hypnotic journeys featuring crutches getting smaller, and then being able to walk strongly on her own legs into her future self.
We had done only a few minutes on her hair pulling issue during our sessions yet Kristen told me she had almost stopped that habit.
When she tries to think about heroin, it's as if it belonged to someone else. She said that her friends and family are the ones who cant let go, and can't believe she doesn't think about it any more.The difference in Kristen's aura is amazing. Most people can sense a dark energy around someone and Kristen's energy is now so light compared to her first session.
These EFT techniques never cease to amaze me.
Love and Light,Aileen Nobles

Thursday, November 10, 2005

# 63 Why Did I Do That! Updated 12-14-2007

Why Did I do That!

Over the years I’ve noticed that various people are given some nasty or nice descriptive labels. For instance, I would hear one person say “so and so is really a nasty person to get along with, and another person in the group at a later time would, during our conversation mention that the same person just labeled as a nasty, is such a nice person to get along with. In that I knew the person that just got the two labels that were complete opposites, caused me to wonder how that could be, as I knew this person as an individual that played no favorites, just wanted the job done right. So now there was an awareness in me ( as is, in many other areas ) that begged answers. From that period of time on, I started catching many more label attaching events.
( Wow, I even found that I had quite a few labels attached ! )
Started making notes about these instances. The nature of my job allowed me great latitude in asking questions about people. The larger my list of labels became, the more confusing it all became. Like the movie with the title ” The Good the Bad and the Ugly” many people seemed to fit into the three classes of that movie title, label wise. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here, these were normal every day kind of people, ahem, like me. From my point of view many of the labels just didn’t seem to fit the person involved. So dig for some answers that might shed some light on understanding it all. In seeking answers to specific situations of “why did I do or say that” and “what causes a label to be attached to a person“, some amazing and surprising amounts of what I call, "ah-ha's" showed up. Whether what I found is true for all people or if it was applicable only to a few people, remains as a question. Perhaps some readers will post , if any, of what I say here, seems to fit with them, event wise! At this point, I first need to set the perspective for this scenario.
During the course of ones working career and / or family interactions, etc, they can be labeled with words like: pompous, stupid, brilliant, naive, cold, conceited, understanding, compassionate, bigot, racist,, religious, irreligious, well tempered, ill tempered, explosive, passive, nice and not nice. At least that is how some of ones associates can or will see you as a person in certain settings. What I saw in all these labels, over the course of time, was a lack of congruity in their application to many individuals. So now, the question became, “how is this possible“! Why do they think that, of the person! Ever ask yourself “why did I do that?”. Why does a person react in such an odd way, or do this or that kind of action? Was some thing in ones speech or actions, being picked up that was conveying a message of some sort, that was perhaps not intended or desired to be expressed! What caused a person to do or say some thing they normally wouldn’t do or say?

What was the fire that lit the fuse?
Delving deeper into the matter, led paradoxically, to the conclusion that one can harbor many of the labels mentioned above and act or react accordingly. How could that be ! How can one be nice or not so nice, seemingly at the same time? What causes a normal at the moment, rational person, to become a raging maniac , so to speak, in the next moment? Questions, questions, but where are the answers! Same question with all the other labels mentioned. I’m looking for answers and all I’m coming up with is more questions. In the beginning, all my research was primarily through books, a very slow process. This was enhanced at a later date with the advent of computers and all the various Web sources. So on with the research. The first clue , so to speak, was reading that all emotions and events are stored with-in our psyche ! Yes, so what you ask? Patience now. Starting with any label, one must add to it, things we eat, liquids we drink, air we breathe, and people whom we associate with, the type of work we do, the area one lives in, religious upbringing , ones sleep pattern and we have a very powerful set of agents working in us all the time. Not some of the time, but all the time, awake or asleep. Doing what?
Glad you asked. These agents are setting up what I call “trigger points” of emotions. Mixing, sorting, coloring, filing and misfiling everything that makes you “who you are“. So in a way, one has a huge data base stored in them that can be instantly accessed. Those stored emotions ( labels ) one acts from, are NOT all drawn upon at the same time. More like one file, out of a labeled folder, that seemed to match the occasion taking place, but it may or may not have been the right match. That answers one of the questions raised earlier. Are you saying we can act rationally and not-rationally at the same time? That’s not what I said. What I did say, was, “seemingly“. We can act rationally in a given moment OR act non-rationally, but NOT both at the same time. While the events may appear to be taking place at the same time, each event stands alone. For each given event, ones psyche is instantly at work coloring that event according to stored emotions and combining it WITH the new prevailing emotion, creating what I found out to be, is a differentiated or non-differentiated event or action. The “ why “ question as answered here, at least for me, seems to be the misfiling of events and emotions some where inside of one. Like any filing system, where things DO get misfiled, the same misfiling can take place in ones psyche, and that is a strong possible reason for the unpredictable blow-ups or actions one can experience.

( hope psyche is the right term and never did locate the psyche filing cabinet ) (read new added information at the bottom of this post)
Give an example if you can! Well, lets see. OK, Your driving along the expressway, The car along side of you suddenly veers into your lane, you mentally shift into road-rage, and also spill your cup of hot coffee onto your lap. You are very emotionally up-set. Very ticked off, middle finger waving and maybe even cussing some, and very wet and stinging from the hot coffee just dumped on your lap. Felt really good to yell some choice words at that driver. But it all soon passes and the event is forgotten, or so you think it is! Six months later, you are in a meeting with your boss, and sipping hot coffee. The boss starts to pass on to you a folder to read, and in doing so , accidentally, knocks over your cup of hot coffee. You quickly jump up and angrily yell ”clumsy ox”, before you can even think of what is being said. ( think boss, spouse, friend, etc ) Why the blow-up now for a minor event ? What probably happened here, is that some how you accessed the highly charged emotional road rage and the spilt hot coffee event of six months ago, and reacted accordingly. What ever it is that accesses ones filing system, reached in and pulled up the HOT COFFEE file, never paid attention to what was attached to it, the "ANGER", file. Explain that! OK, the road rage event was , lets say, filed under “anger” ( differentiated ) and due to the high intensity of emotion involved with it, and the spilt hot coffee ( non-differentiated ) was misfiled along with it, where it did not belong. So when the boss knocked over the hot cup of coffee, your memory banks dug up the misfiled and emotionally charged ”hot spilt coffee”, ALONG with the ( but now with a changed status, to non-differentiated ) high emotionally charged “anger“. Boom , little event, big blow-up. Make sense to you? The same trouble making process can apply to any given anger / hurt feelings / unexplainable action / fears / phobias / health conditions, love or hate matters, etc. All this is nothing new, it goes back to biblical times. ( See Romans 7:15-24 , the things I do ) Every thing we say, hear, experience, eat or drink, is being classified and stored within us in folders and files. There can be various levels of emotions, ranging from low to high intensities in each file. The files can have a mix of positive , negative, or neutral charges, tied to stored but unrelated events . How one acts or reacts to all this stimuli is what makes you “unique“. It is also what causes others to attach a label on you as being “this or that” kind of a person. But it is a fact of life and actually happens that way. So, it seems that one can be classified with a specific label, but only FOR a given event or action, and one could possibly go through the whole list of titles, one at a time, and many could or would seem to “fit”, but it don’t necessarily mean that it is the true “ambiance” that prevails within you.
Well, you say, ”I am what I am, how do I change or control the outbursts or actions?”. For starters, just being aware that you do wear many flavors of stored emotions will help. Just knowing that stored emotions can be triggered by words and / or events that can spontaneously trigger the reaction that follows, is a learning curve that must be dwelt with.
Most emotions are under ones control, others just explode and happen. Some emotions may be dumped on you, ( pun intended ) similar to the hot coffee situation above. So, the real question is, what is your normal “ambiance” level like? The key word here is “ambiance”. Under normal conditions “what are you like!” Of course the term “normal conditions” is open to a wide scope of interpretation. For now, let “normal” mean that “most of the time you don’t say or do anything that causes another person discomfort or hurt by what you do or say”, that would be considered your “normal ambient level“.
If you blow-up for minor events, are easily provoked, hard to get along with, crabby most of the time, or, must get even for slights, you have a lot work ahead of you. All of the titles one does accumulates are from your doing or acting in some fashion. But at some level within you, you decided to keep it / them or you wouldn’t still have the label. Or perhaps it was a rare event! No one forces you to accept them. Change them. Easier said than done of course.
It will take effort on your part to make the corrections. It might be a slow process , but worth your while to do so. With effort on your part, you might even like the feeling of getting along with others “most of the time and feeling good “ about it all. So, one step at a time.
Granted , some situations will still pop up now and than that might or will cause a problem for you, especially those that are deeply buried and misfiled with high emotional intensity. So be it. You know that you are working to make corrections, and are making progress along those lines. But don’t adopt the occasional event, into becoming the controlling factor in your normal activities.
Do realize that there can be much more at work emotionally, in ones life, than what was touched upon . Expressed here were the average basic, every day aspects. If one has severe emotional conflicts, bouts of depression, phobias, harmful thoughts, might want to check out the free EFT course mentioned in this Blog, and / or seek professional help.

Download the FREE course here

For the curious minded:
Have found various references on recent discoveries of where the memories and emotions are stored in ones body. Was very surprised to find that not all memories are stored in the brain. At least that is what some scientists are finding now, using the advanced technology that was not available previously. For instance , it has been said that magnetite and crystal specks were found in all cells of the body. Scientific theory indicates that these specks are capable of holding thoughts and emotions. Giving that concept some thought takes one to items, one is already using. The old wire recorder, the newer tape player / recorder, the computer hard disk and memory chips, wireless phones, etc. . The common denominator with all of these devices are either / or both of the magnetite and crystal specks. All these devices require power in some form. The power source slowed me down for awhile.
That is until I read that a scientist had found that every cell in the body has a tiny microscopic electric generator. Ah , here is the power source for the recording and playback aspects of the magnetite and crystal specks. As mentioned in the above article, this could be the elusive storage filing cabinet that holds ones folder and files of all events we experience. Remaining now, of course is what is the method of selecting a specific folder or file of events. With a computer or recorder, I have no problem in the knowing of the what and how of it. With the mind / body connection of selecting a specific file though, I am stuck. If a scientist will ever find that process remains to be seen.


Update 12-14-2007
Check out these sites for more information.
Memory Transfer Between Organ Transplants According to this study of patients who have received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories, behaviours, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient

In a prior post, I made reference to " If a heart is transplanted, would the traits of the original heart owner still be present". Surprisingly, the answer is that a strong possibility exists, that some traits or mannerisms will show up in the recipient of that heart.