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Friday, August 06, 2004

# 13 Microhormone Messengers

Meet the Eicosanoids

What Are Eicosanoids?

Eicosanoids are “super hormones" because they affect the
synthesis of virtually every other hormone in one’s body.
Eicosanoids are the body’s cellular check and balance system.
Eicosanoids are controlled by dietary fat and insulin.
In other words, eicosanoids can be controlled if one is
consuming the correct amount of Omega-6 and Omega-3
polyunsaturated fatty acids (“PUFAs”) and controlling a
good hormonal balance between insulin and glucagon.
Eicosanoids come from the Greek “eicosa” which
means twenty. They are twenty carbon compounds which
are powerful substances that influence 60 trillion cells in our body.

Eicosanoids are either “good” or “bad” and have opposing
actions. A BALANCE of these opposing actions spells good
health whereas an imbalance spells disease. Decreases in
insulin, loss of excess body fat and a state of wellness are all
indicators relating to a good balance of eicosanoids .
An imbalance of eicosanoids can be responsible for many
reactions in our body including allergies, asthma, arthritis,
heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, depression,
chronic infection and Alzheimer’s disease.
So do some more reading about eicosanoids on your own.
You controll it by what you eat. This is a very recent discovery,
and many doctors and most people ( me included )
never heard of it before.

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