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Thursday, January 04, 2007

# 89 Biotechnology Insanity and FrankenHumans

I went to the site and viewed the movie about GMO & GMF. What I saw, falls into a category of TOTAL INSANITY. What you see is a wake up call readers. The outcome presented in the video, if taken to the extreme is saying: Your children and pets, have eaten our GMO products, and according to the patent laws, and detection of "our patented products" through blood tests, in your children and pets, they are now "our property, unless you pay us a royalty".
Unable to get the video link inserted, so go here to get it.
Recommend you read this health article:
This article comes from,
one of the Web's most visited and trusted health information sites.

How Monsanto Manipulates the System to Poison Your Health

Sir Richard Doll was a British cancer specialist who died last year. He was noted for making the connection between smoking and lung cancer. But for years,20 he was being paid as a consultant by Monsanto, a fact not revealed in his reports.
Sir Richard Doll told a commission investigating Monsanto's Agent Orange that there was no evidence that the chemical increased risks of cancer and genetic defects. He did not mention that he was being paid $1,500 a day by Monsanto at the time.
Monsanto has used similar paid shills and other techniques to propagandize the safety of genetically modified food, aspartame, and other products, including wrecking the careers of scientists who discover problems with their products.
When Dr. Arpad Pusztai conducted studies showing that rats fed on certain GM potatoes had suffered stunted growth and damage to the immune system, liver, and heart, he was suspended from his job, ordered to hand over all his data, and threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject.
Can You Really Trust Monsanto? -- How They Corrupted Science

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
The behind-the-scenes business tactics used by Monsanto to poison our foods with genetically modified (GM) replacements make the multi-national drug companies look like Mother Teresa. This frightening story from David describes one of the primary strategies behind Monsanto's successful business practices:
Confusing the argument against GM foods, for example, by peppering the debate with "science-speak" to muddy any clear representation of the facts before the hazards are ever realized.
Part and parcel of this strategy and Monsanto's success has been finding "independent" scientists willing to sell the company line, like the late Sir Richard Doll, who was paid handsomely to defend such monstrosities as Agent Orange.
But if, like Dr. Arpad Pusztai, you were on the wrong side of the debate, you would find your career in a shambles thanks to Monsanto's multi-national influence.
Above all, don't be confused about the global GM blight that taints some 70 percent of the processed foods you find at your corner grocery store. Before you go shop for foods again, do your homework by reviewing my tips for staying clear of GM foods.
And I urge you to watch the video The Future of Food. This in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind genetically modified foods is one of the best documentaries I have ever viewed. It will help you understand the very real threat that ALL future generations face as a result of genetic engineering.
On Vital Votes, reader Moira from Alabama outlines the roots of the problem:
"The problem is that corporations like Monsanto have too much money!! The corporate form of business is not beneficial to society. It allows for the accumulation of too much money without accountability. This money buys power and influence. Individuals can't have the same influence on our world (unless very united) as corporations.
"There is no democracy with corporations.
"Furthermore, I think it is time we citizens vote on the issues ourselves without having a 'representative' to deal with. This would eliminate corporate influence. The technology is there which would make this possible.
"Because of corporations we don't have clean air, water or food. These should be a 'given.' The Senator from my state always votes for big business against the environment, etc. I would think if individuals could vote on issues themselves, the environment, etc. would stand a better chance of surviving."
Other responses to this article can be viewed at Vital Votes, and you can add your own thoughts or vote on comments by first registering at Vital Votes.
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