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Saturday, January 13, 2007

# 92 My Book Sources For Psychic and Health Reading

My book reading is quite varied. Do some what go with the mindwindow, I'm looking through, for a given interest cycle.There is a huge amount of rehashed material published, that gives me pause. So I try to get as far back as possible, to an original version of what I'm researching / looking for. Over the course of years in doing so, have found certain sources that became a good starting point. Besides Amazon, I frequently use these:

Health Research Books goes back a long time with me, dating back to the original owners. They make copies of many titles,that are out of print, many of which I have. Worth your while to check them out. The A.R.E. , is also an old time source, and is set up around Edgar Cayce's material. You will find a title atWoodland Publishing, called "The Ultimate Healing System" by Donald Lepore, a worthwhile addition to have. The books that Redwing Book Company lists, will blow you away with the scope of listings there. Was the only source for some titles I needed.

An added bonus here from J.J..
My above listings were from much earlier days.

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