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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

# 7 Super Tonic Updated 3/14/2007

The Talker said...
Health Wise # 4
Super Tonic
cayenne ( red pepper) -one to two tablespoons
horseradish -
apple cider vinegar
Depending on how much you want to make. Half cup of each ingredient.
( see separate pepper amount above )
chop /cut /mash/ or pound ingredients to fit into a blender.
Pour in just enough apple cider vinegar to just cover the ingredients.
Run the blender just long enough to slurry the mix.
Pour into pint , quart, or gallon jars. Each container is filled to the half level. Top off with more apple cider vinegar to fill container.
If using metal covers put a baggie over the jar top first than the cover. Stuff will eat away metal covers. My jars and covers are glass , with rubber ring to make a seal, and has a flip lever thing to make it lock. Shake once a day. Can start to use right away. But it will get stronger in a few days. Can keep refrigerated if desired.I leave mine out no cooling.
I use it straight, as is. You may want a tablespoon full in half cup of water. Gargle with and swallow as / if needed for throat area things. Take as often as you want, for immune system build up. Take every half hour for five hours if under attack by any "bug".
My understanding, of this combination, is that it is equal to or better then most "broad spectrum" antibiotic prescriptions. It will ( so I've read ) destroy both, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and will knock out the "bad guys" in the gut, and increases the healthy bacteria. Some day I will set up the microscope and try an experiment of how effective this Super Tonic really is.
It also makes , by the way, a dandy salsa sauce.
P.S. Thursday, March 15, 2007. Had received a few inquiries on how long "Super Tonic" would last, before spoiling and still be effective. For starters am not sure if it ever spoils. My original batch was made November 9, 2002, and the last of it was finally used March 14, 2007. So, that is four years and four months. Was it still good to use! Did it still have a "kick", taste wise? So I pop a tablespoon of Super Tonic into my mouth, without water, and the fun began. After the assaulted in my head diminished, I could feel a heat wave flowing throughout my body. Wow,aroma good, taste good, effect good, still alive the next day, so I guess mix is still okay. Like when I made the original batch, I prepared to much ingredient. I had to dump about a quart of slurried mix. When blending this mix, there is a pungent aroma in the air. So a rule of thumb would be, open a window or door, have a tissue ready to wipe your eyes, and start making the mix. Would suggest that only one cupful of each ingredient be made at a time. I use a heavy duty Vita Mix unit. Any blender could be used, just don't overload it. It is a bit of a mess, but well worth the effort. From my point of view, Super Tonic is more effective then any antibiotic, and the price is right.

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