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Saturday, July 17, 2004

#1 Dean The Talker

Dean the Talker Posted by Hello

This has been an interesting go-around, setting this up. So now, lets see how long this action, can stay problem free. There are so many subjects and areas of interest, that one could ponder on and on, for a month of Sundays, without end.
What has taken place to date, reminds me of the "Sisyphus" person that rolls the rock up a hill, and just before reaching the top of the hill, the rock starts rolling back down , over and over. This applies to just about every area of interest that has been looked into. Was content in my gross ignorance, until I started using the computer. Than I became one mass of total confusion. The more I looked and researched, seems like the more ignorant I became. This held true until I read a little item in a book. The item went on to say" The more we understand, the more we discover, how much we do not understand". Ahaa, as I say ,dig in and sort it all out. Well, I found out, its not quite that simple. For every "sounds ok", there were as many rebuttals that stated "no, what you just researched is wrong". So back to the drawing board, so to speak. This is like opening Pandoras box. There is a contradictory opinion on every subject looked into.
So , here I am ,ready to expound on what I think may be " right for me".
Lets start it with this . My dislike of most doctors. There has to be "good" ones out there. Would truly like to hear about the"good" ones. To date , there are very few, that I would trust, to get near me with a scalpel or prescription pad.What have you experienced?
The Talker


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