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Thursday, July 22, 2004

# 3 Chit Chat # 2 Optimal Health


What is health ?
What is good health ?
What is not so good health?
Belief Factors are ?
How can one have better health ?

Think you have the answer !

Well, join me in the confusion of making sense of it all.
Talk to any number of persons and one gets that number of various descriptions of health.
The answers received are so varied, that one is left with " what does being healthy actually mean".
Having had an innate curiosity about this subject all my life, I asked various people about it. Many replies were kind of vague, some what like"different strokes for different folks" thing.

Well , one knows what "not so good" health is.
The hurts, aches, pains, indigestion, cant sleep right, poor vision, loss of hearing, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, loss of hair, too much hair, cancer, diabetes, allergies, prostate, clogged arteries, and the list could go on and on, almost with no end.

So now we come to , " how can one have better health". It never dawned on me until I came across a blurb, from, one of what I'll call a "good doctor".
Simply put the good doctor said:
Here I could add :

This brought to mind that old saying one often hears, "KISS",
meaning " keep it simple stupid". Easier said than done, right !
Well, yes and no.
Like another saying goes" how does one eat a big elephant, piece by piece".
So lets check it out.
In the process of looking for "what would help in getting better health" , one finds that there are literally hundreds of products that ( make - keep - maintain - are necessary ) to be healthy. True or not , who could afford to buy all those products. Plus, many of the products sold these days, just don't have in them , what is supposed to be in the product .
Oh boy. Simple huh?
So , what is good health ?
Well, you could try to convince me other wise, but unless it includes the following, it won't wash.
Job or retirement monies, that allows the means to do what one wants, when they want it, the ability to come and go, when and where one so desires to go. Good health is also not needing to decide between eating , medication or fixing the car. Good health can also be , being happy with what you have and actually enjoying it. Here we have the thinking process at work, which is good. Again , we could go on and on, but you get the point.

Along with all the above , we hit upon a thought that "rattles many cages". Some people "just don't want to be well". Huh, come again ! Give me a break ! You're kidding , right?
Nope , it is really true, at least from what I've read on the subject.

Here I must digress a tad, and remind one, that my interests ranged into numerous subjects, ( not that it matters) but now we need to swing over into the bible here. In the bible are little bits of information ( regardless of what one thinks about the bible) that allude to "how you think and believe "has an affect in you life.

So, now we find many that think " I'm not worthy", " my job stinks", "I just don't care any more"," my marriage is ....?...." , " my love life is...?.....", " I just can't get ahead", and hundreds more can be listed here. All these conditions " do " affect you, from or at some level of your being.
Where does that put us in the corrective process?

KISS is the starting point. But start now. Do the free things first. Do it piece by little piece.

If one can, "think ones self sick, stands to reason, we can think ourselves better".

If we "screwed it up , we can unscrew it", unless one stripped the threads of course. This would mean only that "more time is spent at the bottom of the barrel".

Don't ever believe that the Creator is at the root of your problems. We jump into the barrel and wind up not liking how it feels. Of course "we are not at fault", its just that mean " Creator " testing and picking on us, right ! Many were taught in their formative years , " the poorer and sicker you are the better the chance of reaching heaven".
Try paying tuition, groceries, gas and lights, rent, buying a house , or paying a hospital bill , with, " I"m poor or sick".

Oh, you expected better solutions and fixes!

Sorry, that's another telling, that may yet show up. Hope I didn't bore you too much.



Anonymous said...

Dixie S say's
Pretty cool you old fart.

2Talker1 said...

Very good information. I really need to slow down to read these info posts as each time I read I realize the last time I read it I didn't get all the import! Thank you!