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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

# 6 Honegar

Health Wise # 3
The Talker
Honegar: As a starting point use,
Equal amounts of Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar.
( Clover is tastier, but I have tried many other flavors )
(DON'T USE WHITE VINEGAR, it is made from non-food things. )
It takes a bit of stirring to get it mixed right. Flavor is a tarty, slightly sweet taste. Honegar helps to balance ones internal electrolytes. Supplies a quick energy boost. Helps one to tolerate heat. Straight Apple Cider Vinegar ( no honey ) " one teaspoonful- or more "before eating will improve most peoples digestion, as nearly all people now suffer from a LACK of digestive juices, this is CONTRARY to what most doctors tell one. Diabetics and hypoglycemics would need to be careful doing this Honegar drink. As I understand it there is the sugar in the blood thing to cope with. I have no problem with it, but use at your own risk . When the heat is trying to nail me ( working outside ) I will take a tablespoonful, straight, and a tablespoonful in a glass of water.
Will often when strenuously involved in the heat, and sweating a river, toss in a pinch, of SEA salt, ( NOT REGULAR SALT ). Finding good Sea Salt is really a problem. Basically a trial and error thing. There is a trick , not many are aware of , is to put a pinch of Sea salt directly on ones tongue first, then drink a glass of water. This allows ones body to treat this glass of water very differently , ( at least its what I read ) than a regular drink of water, allowing one to rehydrate some what more efficiently. Have been doing it for many years, and it hasn't killed me as yet. Yuckle,yuckle. Be Well


2Talker1 said...

I used this mixture whenever I was running or training. It seems to truely energize and not give you that rush with a plop like soda pop. Seems to balance and is a wonderful substitute for pop, coolaide and junk stuff.

The Talker said...

Years back I had read that Paul Bragg( past middle age )was challenged to a hike through Death Valley, by a couple of young adults. The young ones loaded up on drinks and food of all kinds, quite a load of stuff. Bragg an adherent of Honegar, took along, only Honegar, and plain water. Bragg was the only one to finish the choosen route. Need I say more.