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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

# 2 Health Wise # 1 Dangerous !

5:02 PM
The Talker said...
Recently I read a very interesting Consumer Report on " Dangerous Supplements Still at Large." Many of the detrimental aspects mentioned are valid, if not used properly. I for one try to get my home work on herbs done , before taking any product. I still use a couple shown on this list. Have for many decades.
But now at almost eighty years of age I maybe should be concerned about how my herb usage might kill me before I get old. ( LOL ) "D" will probably throw what product remains my herb cabinet , in with my body when it gets tossed into the fire. So be it.
Real problem though, is some herbs need to be aged for a year, or dried properly, or used only for a short period of time and 100% identified by Latin name. Those things just don't happen all the time. Much of what I see and hear about herbs is contrary to proper usage of herbs. So people will get some serious detrimental results. Another serious condition is created when an herb is fractionated into specific components and added back to the whole of the same herb to create more of a kick. I do not use standardized herbs for that reason. In fact if all herbs used, were used whole , many problems would just disappear.
Most doctors are just not able to advise anyone about herb usage , bless them.
Now realistically, I don't expect a regular medical doctor to be 100% knowledgeable in herb usage. Just don't discourage one from using herbs. If I could find a medical doctor that would say "OK Talker, I'll work with you and monitor your progress", I would be absolutely delighted. Am I smarter than the doctor, give me a break now. No I'm not smarter than the doctor, but I do know how my body is feeling at all times. From what I've observed in many situations , is that many doctors draw erroneous conclusions , at your expense. If I blow a liver or kidney or what ever, it would be from my pushing an herbs action to the max and beyond its intended usage I'll spare you my usual diatribe on doctors, but I do dislike and am truly annoyed at what many doctors do , most are classified ( not all ) in my memory banks as pure idiots. Many herb users ( I'm included here ) can with a little effort wiggle into this ( idiot ) classification. Heck, I'm not perfect, and don't pretend to be perfect, but I am careful.
Hey , nice to have a sounding board. Until my next creative outburst.
The Talker

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