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Monday, September 19, 2005

# 43 Free Course Offer ( Silva )

I've been a fan of Jose Silva for decades. Have attended his main seminars, and found them quite beneficial in my daily activities. So when I came across this offer, of a free mini course, I felt that perhaps readers of my Blog might be interested in trying it out. You have nothing to loose, its free, and most important, you could enhance your quality of life.
Will keep this short and just say " try it".
Visit their website and subscribe to it. You can get the program from this page:
Visit the site today.


Talker's ear said...

Takes us all so long to realize there is more to life than just us.

Talker's ear said...

Herximer? Can't spell it but sure enough experiencing it. Have to manipulate dosage to get balance but then think if I do more it will work faster.