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Sunday, September 25, 2005

# 47 All Seeing Eye Guards Your PC

Came across this neat program that enhances your anti-virus programs. What it does when first installed, is "read" what you have in your unit. From that point on, ANY program that tries to access the internet or goes on-line, will trigger an "ALERT" or a"WARNING" window. This gives you a clear look at what is happening. As you start up a program for the first time, you are flashed a "notice", that the program is indeed , activating and doing some thing. If its a program you know you started, just click the "OK" button. So far it appears this happens only for the first time YOU invoke a program. If some "nasty" bug, worm, virus or Trojan tries to activate, an ALERT warning will pop up, telling you what it is. Here is where you CAN STOP the unknown program from doing its dirty work on your computer. Click the appropriate box to not allow it to run. Often, when I do a three finger ALT-CTRL-DEL, and the Task Manager opens and shows Processes that are running, I have NO IDEA what program is using that process. Mostly they ARE part of the Operating System, or a program you installed , that sets up a starting point and runs every time you start the computer. Now I have control of any thing that sneaks into my computer with-out my permission to do so. Will see how this all works out. For a clearer explanation go to the site shown here. Oh, by the way , its a free program.

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The Talker said...

Rather than wait for the new watchdog program to learn about my regular programs, I opened and closed them, one after another. This did trigger all sorts of DLL'S and .EXE Alerts, but am now able to recognize and OK them. Curious now on what happens when some NASTY creeps in!