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Friday, October 14, 2005

# 61 Can We Cure.....More on EFT.

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Can we cure cancer, MS, diabetes, etc?

Hi Everyone,
I've had a few interesting discussions since posting my messages about "Persistence, Hemorrhoids & Uncle Bugs" and "Sitting on a Porcupine."
First, some were concerned that maybe "Henry" was not seeking medical care for his hemorrhoids (actually, an abscess). Not so. Henry is seeing a physician and, if we are not able to resolve it, surgery of some kind is likely to happen. Also, antibiotics are being taken.
The main queries I received, however, involved the use of EFT and its various options/cousins for serious diseases. The prevalent question was, "Can we cure cancer, MS, diabetes, etc. by tapping on the energy system?" I don't know, of course, because I've never seen anyone approach it with dedicated persistence--at least not yet. What I have seen, however, is impressive symptom relief for many degenerative diseases. For a dramatic example of this, listen to the audio session from our EFT Course where Adrienne helps Bruce, an MS sufferer. On that audio, Bruce achieves relief for an imposing list of symptoms (numbness, back pain, sleep disorder, urinary disorder, etc. etc.) AND he stands up out of his wheelchair and walks around while his wife says, "It's a miracle." He had never had this level of relief, or anything like it, before.
Bruce's results are fascinating, of course, but what is even more fascinating is the fact that Adrienne called him up 3 or 4 months later only to find that HE HAD QUIT TAPPING. Imagine that!! He had more symptom relief with a few rounds of tapping than all his medications and other interventions combined. Further, there were no negative side effects--just pure symptom relief. Yet....
This is not unique. I have also seen this with cancer, AIDS, and fibromyalgia. Also, practitioners have told me for years that people with many degenerative diseases just will not tap. This is true for diabetes, arthritis, lupus, leukemia, etc. etc. It happens with great frequency. In my experience, the vast majority of the people that have these serious diseases "forget" to tap even though it is their most efficient symptom relief tool.
That is profound. I mean really profound. Why would someone ignore their most effective tool for symptom relief but use other interventions that don't do nearly as well and cause negative side effects to boot? Why wouldn't they use it even if it was only their second or third best tool? Why do they just throw it away?
Is it because the tool came from a non-MD and therefore the client doesn't give it much weight? Perhaps. But this is hardly THE reason. There has been a clear shift in the past 20 years toward "alternative" methods. The medical community, while certainly deserving respect, is no longer seen as having all the answers. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reike practitioners, Rolfers, Massage therapists, Spiritual healers and even Tappers are gaining growing respect with the public.
Is it because of the so-called APEX problem (Callahan's term for cognitive dissonance)? Not really. People can be quite flexible if their motivations are in place. If pulling hair out of one's armpit, for example, somehow puts $100,000 in one's bank account, people are going to pull hair out of their armpits--even if they can't explain the "why" of it. They don't have to believe it. In fact, as ridiculous as it sounds, they will find a way to believe it. They will make up a theory. They will write a book about it. They will even find a way to grow more hair in their arm pits so they can continue to pile up the riches. You may resist this idea a bit but, at some level, you know this is true. If your bank account increased by $100,000 every time you pulled a hair out of your armpit, wouldn't you continue pulling those hairs? You may not admit it to anyone but that wouldn't keep you from doing it. Of course this armpit example is an exaggeration. It is a purposeful visit to Sillysville so that a larger point can be made. Namely, I don't think people avoid the tapping simply because they don't know how to explain it. The benefits are quite obvious. There must be another reason for their non-compliance.
So what is the reason for this odd behavior? Does it revolve around secondary gain or loss? I suspect so but have no way of proving it. This phenomenon, along with our so-called "tough cases," represent our main challenges. This is where the opportunity lies. This is where we learn. These types of cases lead us to the next floors of our Healing High Rise. The secrets to our progress are hidden within them. Persistence, diligence and skillful detective work will uncover both the reasons for, as well as the solutions to, these problems. Some practitioners will sit back and wait for others to do this. Others will dig in until they find the diamonds within all that dirt. I'm looking for the diamond diggers. They are the ones who will lead the way.
For the purposes of this article let me divide EFT, and all that has sprung from it, into two categories. The first category carries the label "Slam Dunk." It contains all the "oohs" & "aahs" that we get when we routinely wipe out trauma, phobias, pain, etc. with a wave of the hand (fingertips). This is fun, of course, but we don't learn much new from it. We just apply it and stand back to watch the magic show. The second category is labeled "The Fascinating Frontier." It contains those cases that have unexplainably slow, or non-existent, progress. This is the arena in which the true artisans of this profession will perfect their craft. This is where the work well as the joy of discovery. It is where experimentation, persistence and rolling up one's sleeves pay big dividends.
Can we cure cancer, MS, diabetes, etc.? We have a good chance at it--especially if we recognize that the healing is done THROUGH us not BY us. Can we do it now? Perhaps. But I think it would take a lot more persistence than most clients or practitioners are willing to dedicate, at least for now. One thing is clear, though. Tapping is providing clear evidence that giving relief to emotional problems often gives relief to physical symptoms. The link is unmistakable. It is not much of a stretch to extend that phenomenon beyond routine maladies such as headaches, sinus congestion, stomach upsets and the like to cancer, MS, diabetes, etc. It is part of The Fascinating Frontier. It may take more work and more discovery to get there but the fingers pointing in that direction do so with authority.
There are hundreds of people on this list and hundreds of others using these procedures. Even so, we are just beginning. Less than 1% of the healing professions have even heard of what we are doing. Our mission is of major importance. It is a true paradigm shift. We are part of something very important. In time, it will be commonplace. But for now, we are the pioneers. We are the ones bringing it to the public. Tomorrow's leaders of this movement are reading this article right now. They are on the ground floor of the Healing High Rise. They are mastering these procedures and bringing them to others. They are learning, exploring, improving. They are giving definition to The Fascinating Frontier.
Look around at your colleagues. Look at yourself.
You are looking at tomorrow's leaders.
Love to all, Gary

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