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Saturday, October 01, 2005

# 51 Chit Chat1 Rearranged blog as of 9-29-2005

Did you notice the rearranged articles?

Well it was all about learning how to tame the mess that came about in posting the blurbs. Interesting as this all is, there is a learning curve to cope with.
In the process of correcting the mess I had made, Your truly managed to lose all the "comments" that had been posted. I don't pretend to understand the "how of it", yet, but come on back and say "hi" again. Apparently "Post and Comments" are processed separately, with no control over the "Comments" section.

Had to add in a new process to foil Blog Hackers, that would post undesired data . Now you just type in what is shown in a little window, that automatic site readers are unable to handle, as of 9-28-2005.

Not quite sure , yet, on what or how it will wind up look wise.

If you Post a Comment , you might want to use only your first name, and the first letter of your last name. Use a password also if you want, or do it all "anonymously", then put your first name and first letter of the last name in the text.

This has been and is a surprising situation, writing down thoughts and also finding how often I type in a cuss or crappy word, and need to cut it out.
( need to apply this to my speech process too) .

Those things talked on, are from a number of sources and experiences . Huge amounts of water has rushed under and over this "bridge called life", and "the good, and the not so good" has registered "pleasant and not so pleasant" episodes. Not complaining though, it has all culminated so far, in the making of "The Talker". Is that good or not so good?
For now

Rearrange history , !st was 7/10/04, 2nd was 9/29/05

1 comment:

The Milk-maid said...

You sure do use some Quirky words, I say they are a cuss word variety!
You do lots of good reading along the way.
Learning to form new programs, too!

Good for you!