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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

# 37 Herxheimer Effect Is What!

So you feel worse than before, after starting on a new regime of products to improve or correct a health condition! Well, if you tested the product out for any allergic reactions and none showed, be glad. Often , a person will quit the product when they feel worse, instead of continuing. This can be a thing called "Herxheimer Effect or Healing Crisis".
How best to describe the Herxheimer / Healing crisis. Well. one is generally aware of how they are feeling, when they started using a product, that is the reference point for that individual. Not how some one else is reacting to the healing crises. Not arguing here, but stressing that when some thing unusual crops up when using any product to improve health, and a NEW kind of hurt, ache, or pattern shows up , that could be the bodies response of too much to fast. I've had to back off a bit with some things being tried. Have noticed that if the bowels are working well, that the so called healing crises is mostly non-existent. Since I started the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), nothing unusual came up, not so with a few others that are also using the VCO. Have heard " hurts my stomach, just don't feel well, stayed awake all night, slept like a log, feel hot all over my body, feel stiff in the joints, am extremely tired, broke out in pimples." None voiced a flu like feeling, although that can be one of many ways that can show up. Nothing common between the complaints, so was it a healing crisis, really don't know, but it WAS a change in THAT persons health awareness, so some thing IS happening. None of the unusual health awareness conditions lasted beyond three days according to my follow-ups, but some thing like this could last for a few weeks or even longer. The way I look at it is, "if some thing has changed in my health awareness pattern while trying out a product, some type of healing process is taking place." Did read some place that if a healing process, how ever long ago, was NOT a complete healing at that time, and if the taking of some product IS capable of healing that uncompleted process, the symptoms associated with that prior incomplete healing will now take place. So, a slew of new symptoms show. Stay with it, monitor the process, closely, normally it passes away, given a little time. If that is the Herxheimer effect, so be it. I feel that there is no one set of symptoms that can be called the "Herxheimer Effect" . Check it out.
Right or wrong , only time will tell.


Talker's ear said...

Herximer is causing me some discomfort; modifed the dosage but then get the urge to full force again hoping it will pick up faster. Stuff is clearing up the age spots. Mind boggling.

The Talker said...

Make haste slowly.
Ones body systems, functions from "FINE to GROSS". It is an autonomic function. One will only experience the "reaction" of it. What you eat, drink, think, or take, automatically triggers some kind of action within ones body. Not SOME times, but EVERY Time. So either stop for awhile or adjust what you're doing. Reactions of any kind, can mean that a HEALING of some sort,is taking place. There is no magical formula. Thats why one needs to pay close attention to how ones body IS reacting to a given, and acting accordingly. I'm not a doctor,I dont pretend to be one. But I can monitor my health , based on my personal experiences, better than any other person. Naturally, if things got out of hand , I would seek a professional.

Anonymous said...

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