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Saturday, June 18, 2005

# 36 The Chessmaster 3000

Well, just used up about four weeks of cruising the net for solutions to installing my old chess game. The Chessmaster 3000 is a good ( for me ) chess game and teacher of all the basics of chess.Good old Win 3.1 on through Win98, were the OS programs used with Chessmaster. Now , enter Win XP home and installing this program. Oh, you knew what was coming here. It don't work with Win XP.
Message kept popping up " not a valid win32 program". I knew that, but had to try anyway. So keying in all combinations of key words, and hitting hundreds of listings, most of which were plea's for help from others in the same boat .Had visited game sites, chess sites, and "not win 32" sites. Not much help any where.So here comes the zinger, one site had a program that would allow a 16 bit program to co-exist with Win XP's 32 bit stuff,or some thing like that. Normally I write down the name of little programs I down load. Yup, you got it, this one I neglected to note it. Well , when I tried to install the game again, it still popped up the hated "not a valid win32 program" notice. So a few days later, with my aching body relaxed in my chair, and needing to do some thing constructive( LOL ) I popped in good old Chessmaster again to see if the God of jokes had taken pity on me or not.Bang the lil old sucker kicked right into the install aspect, fully setting up Chessmaster into Win XP. Wow, I thought, "that program" "whatcha call it", must have kicked in some how.Try as I would , I could not locate that program, going through directories of windows, system, and system32. So am at a loss on what kicked in, to make the program install and work. Happy days are here again, until another program I might want to install, refuses to run with Win XP. If any thing crops up, will post it,but not sure if I can find that tiny program without the right search key word.
Anyway, guess I'll play a game of chess now.

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