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Sunday, November 11, 2007

# 120 Daily Deadly Diet Continues:What To Do!

I enjoyed oyster crackers pushed down into my hot chili.
(Mamas by Mrs Alisons, for Archway and Mothers Cookie Co )
I periodically enjoyed Nutty Bars.
(McKee Foods)
No more though, as these two favorites have started using the NEW FAT, called "INTERESTERIFIED OILS". Hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated or trans fat listed in the ingredient list, and off I go. Am driving the family nuts, with my reading the ingredient lists of all food products. Come back and list foods you find with the word interesterified listed.
Another product that I was interested in trying was "All Day Energy Greens" made by IVL, in Camp Verde,AZ 86322. Ingredient list was fantastic, with the exception of the unwanted soy product. So did not order. Two months later, comes a new brochure, same company, showing " New & Improved Soy Free Formula". Ah, I say, check it out. So what do I find, The same product, dropped six wanted ingredients along with the unwanted soy stuff, going from 37 listed ingredients, down to 28. Same price, almost the same product, but am no longer interested in buying without the six wanted ingredients in it. Oh well, maybe next time the product will be what I wanted to try.
( see Razors Edge # 118)
Sunday, October 21, 2007# 118 The Daily Deadly Diet and You!
Interesterified fat - what should consumers do?
Scientists working for the food industry keep coming up with strange, weird and terrifying stuffs. As consumers, we need to keep abreast of these developments and watch out for the dangers. Otherwise, just stick to traditional foods that humans have been eating for thousands of years, and we will be all ok. In the case of oils and fats, just stick to:saturated fats like lard, butter, ghee, beef tallow, goose fat…. coconut oil and palm
oil, monounsaturated fats like olive, sesame, and peanut oils.
Note also that:
Polyunsatured oils like corn, soybean, etc had not been traditionally used for cooking. Most were introduced only during the last century.
Canola, a monounsaturated fat widely touted as being the “healthiest oil” is another modern scientific invention, produced through genetic manipulation.

One product to be careful about is peanut butter, some of which are now made with fully hydrogenated oils. These could well be interesterified fat. If you want a healthy peanut butter, look for those that contain just one or two ingredients, either only peanuts, or peanuts and salt.
Click here to read a commentary, written before I knew about interesterified fat, about peanut butter and fully hydrogenated oils.


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