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Friday, October 05, 2007

# 116 World's Deadliest Germs and Common Sense !

Surprise, the package you just found on you're doorstep, was part of a lost shipment. Who lost it and what was in it! Oh, only things considered to be some of the world's deadliest germs. Say what!
Just read in the Chicago Sun Times, 10/ 3 / 07, that there were some 100 accidents and missing shipments, involving anthrax, bird flu virus, monkeypox,and plague-causing bacteria, in 44 labs in 24 states. Not to worry though, no one died, and the public was never at risk! Seems that I hear lies of that nature every so often. Stated was that the lab workers had experienced bites, or scratches by infected animals, skin cuts, needle sticks,and more! There is no cure , if infected, for some of these illnesses! So who is steering the ship, and watching mishaps of this nature? The article states " No single federal agency has the mission to track the overall number of these labs in the United States ", says a report from the Government Accountability Office. During the past seven months of 2007, labs reported 36 accidents and LOST SHIPMENTS, nearly double the number reported during ALL of 2004. Not to worry though, the government is " watching you ", oop's, that was a slip, should be " watching out for you ", right! With all the monitoring taking place, like, illegal wire taps, listening-in on telephone calls, watching you're E-mails, and making you throw away you're tooth-paste at the airport, perhaps the " lost deadliest germs " shipments will show-up. Why worry about the worlds deadliest germs, when it is much easier to go after alternative medicine practitioners, and protect private security forces in Iraq from prosecution for wrong doings, while holding US troops responsible for lessor violations. Maybe I expect to much from people. Traits like common sense and integrity, are easily forced out by certain opportunities.

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