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Saturday, August 11, 2007

# 109 Applied Common Sense and Mercury In Your Baby !

With all the published guidelines, stating that people should make every effort to avoid ingesting mercury contaminated fish and foods, where is the applied common sense in this situation? Of course, how stupid of me, sell the toxic mercury, and bank tons of dollars, while ignoring the very real dangers of eating mercury. Oh, more stupid me, just think on it, some group somewhere, can become billionaires, selling 10 million pounds of toxic mercury, at your healths risk.


WASHINGTON (November 16, 2006) -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is considering selling some 1,300 tons of surplus mercury on the international market, prompting urgent warnings from health organizations that the toxic metal would easily find its way back into the domestic food chain from the developing world where it's typically used today.
There is no question that mercury from this sale would find its way up the food chain, onto our plates, and into our bodies," said Dr. Linda Greer, an environmental toxicologist and director of NRDC's Environmental Health Program. "Inviting less developed countries to a close-out sale on surplus American poison is sheer lunacy given what we know about how easily mercury moves around the globe."
Prenatal and infant mercury exposure can cause mental retardation, cerebral palsy, deafness and blindness. Even in low doses, mercury may affect a child's development, delaying walking and talking, shortening attention span and causing learning disabilities. In adults, it can adversely affect fertility and blood pressure, and cause memory loss, tremors, vision loss and other problems. Growing evidence suggests exposure to mercury may also lead to heart disease.
"We've got to stop the cycle of toxic mercury trade that winds up contaminating the fish we eat," said Dr. Greer.
Mercury also poses a substantial direct health risk to workers around the world, said Michael Bender, director of the Mercury Policy Project. "As many as 15 million gold miners in more than 40 countries, for example, are at risk from high-concentration mercury vapors and mercury intoxication, which can lead to severe nervous system poisoning," he said. "The U.S. government has a moral obligation to restrict its exports to developing countries, as the European Union recently proposed to do by 2011"


" current federal stockpile of about 10 million pounds "

Bush Plans to Veto Removal of Mercury From Infant Vaccines

Despite a 2004 campaign promise to the contrary, President Bush continues to allow the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal to be added to childhood flu vaccines.Thousands of parents believe the preservative has caused mercury poisoning and autism in their children. Still, President Bush plans to veto the HHS-Labor-Education Appropriations Bill, which includes a measure to ban childhood flu vaccines that contain thimerosal, because of the cost and “objectionable provisions.”As it stands, flu vaccines which contain thimerosal, are recommended for all pregnant women, infants and children, even though the Institute of Medicine recommended in 2001 that these population groups not be exposed to thimerosal-containing vaccines. One in every six women of childbearing age has enough mercury in their bloodstream to cause neurological damage to their unborn children, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Max Health July 20 2007

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Public Health Service requested that all mercury-containing thimerosal be removed from vaccines all the way back in 1999.Now, nearly a decade later, mercury is not only still a part of flu vaccines, but health officials are recommending them to the very population that mercury stands to harm the most: babies, children and pregnant women.Children’s developing systems often cannot tolerate the assault from a potent neurotoxin like mercury, and there are many who believe mercury-containing vaccines have fueled the autism epidemic in America.Aside from autism, mercury exposure has been liked to an alarming array of chronic health issues, including:
Multiple sclerosis
Central nervous system disorders
Alzheimer’s disease
Lower IQ levels
Learning disabilitiesThe fact that thimerosal is still in vaccines is morally reprehensible, plain and simple. If you are a new parent or parent-to-be, please read up on the risks of vaccinations so that you can make an informed decision for the health of your child. And if you’re considering getting a flu vaccination, remember that there are plenty of natural ways to avoid getting the flu, without having to inject yourself or your child with a dangerous toxin.
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