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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

# 75 Fibromyalgia: The Invented Disease !

What a mess we mortals are in. If one is in good health , no problem. If one is in fair health, life is still tolerable. But when one is not in good health and you start the doctor visits routine, is where health things can and often do, start to wear one out in frustration. You hurt, or don't feel well, and now some one is telling you on how best to correct the situation. You follow the directions given, and still don't feel well. So days, weeks months, and even years pass, and you still feel as sick as when you started. By now one is perhaps using two to ten medical prescriptions. Still ill. Other health problems may be popping up. Visits to various specialists have taken place. Still ill though. What's next?
When you keep hitting that brick wall of dogma in any profession, where do you go, what can you do? Lets face it, it's a scary, frightful thing to consider doing the unthinkable, like straying off of the tower of dogma. Right or wrong , I use the word "dogma" here, as it seems, at this moment, to be the right one.
I believe we are a "spirit, soul and body", and all must be considered, when endeavoring to correct a malfunction in ones body.

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Fibromyalgia -- The Invented Disease
November 22, 2006
When The MD Can't Solve Your Pain He Says It Is In Your Head And Sends You To A Psychiatrist Who Prescribes A Pill That Works -- Every Time!
Fibromyalgia! If you have it, you certainly know that you have it! It is so "similar" to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" that the two are often lumped together -- if you have one, you have the other. These are abbreviated as FMS and CFS. They are invented diseases -- invented by the hidden world of psychiatry for the sole purpose of selling psychiatric drugs.
You have a pain -- it hurts a lot. You go to your doctor. He fusses and gives you pills, but he can't figure out what will cure the pain. He can't find anything "wrong."
So, when an MD can't help he has a garbage collector -- he sends you to the psychiatrist because, after all, "it's in your head."
The psychiatrist has a pill which dulls the pain -- the pain goes away -- you don't feel it. It's not a "pain-killer" it is a "worry killer."
The anti-depressant smooths away lots of other stress and worry in your life. Why? Because "vegetables" don't "worry!"
Your social life changes because you now join victim's groups.
If you think you have this problem, or worry about it, you might go onto the web and search for the word in your favorite search engine. It is astonishing to find that virtually every search engine will serve up the
American Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) Association, Inc.
as the one of the highest ranked web sites.
In fact, for any one of twelve different "popular hopeless diseases," there seems to be an "official" Society, Foundation, Association, or other non-commercial group that asserts itself as an source of honest information about the disease, particularly the recommended treatments. Click Here for a complete study on this subject.
That "honest information" is paid for by drug companies. Psychiatric drugs are among the most profitable any drug company makes.
So we are becoming a nation of mood enhancer pill takers.
Click on the link to read more about Fibromyalgia -- and the natural remedy Karl Loren. from
The Pain Is NOT In Your Head -- But The Solution Is NOT A Pill!

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