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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Letter from Serendipity
October 2004
The new Walt Disney Concert Hall, downtown LA
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby writes...
Don't ever doubt that the Drug Industry and the accompanying medical establishment is a major political corruption factor. They pervert governments and their powers cross borders in a scary and sinister fashion.
I got news recently that dear Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, one of alternative medical science's great thinkers had been arrested in Spain on some charges trumped up years ago in France! Dr Hamer, if you don't know, has identified a clear, unequivocal and healing connection between cancer and major traumatic stress in the previous 3 years. He calls it the 'iron rule of cancer' and I can personally vouch for it, having gone down the same track in the 1960s- 70s.
Do you think the authorities were delighted by his breakthrough? No fear. They decertified him medically and attacked him as a fraud. The Medical Society of Tübingen outright refused to look at his researches, even when the Courts came to Dr Hamer's aid and ordered his attackers to read his evidence (that was 20 years ago and they still haven't done so, or re-instated him).
No matter; he started his own quiet revolution, known in Spain, where he has an army of fans, as "La Medicina Sagrada" (The Sacred Medicine). Then, suddenly, Dr. Hamer was arrested at his home on the morning of Thursday, September 9th and taken to a jail in Madrid where he is being held for extradition to France. This persecution by the French authorities started on February 1st, 2000, when, in Dr. Hamer's absence, he was charged, tried, and found guilty of practising medicine without a licence. The subsequent appeal not only failed; it has resulted in almost doubling his time for incarceration. The French Court of Appeal has condemned Dr. Hamer to three years in a French prison.Dr. Hamer has not set foot in France since 1993 when he attended the funeral of a dear friend, the Count D'Oncieu de la Batie. He was there for a matter of hours and the French authorities have alleged that he saw three patients during that time. These were cancer patients who had all undergone conventional treatments and subsequently died. The authorities are alleging that Dr. Hamer was responsible for their deaths!!!
Dr Hamer is now 69 years old and doubts he would survive 3 years in a French jail. It makes you want to SCREAM, the injustice, the perversion, the evil! But his appeal failed and he was sent to France to serve his term.
It's full of the science behind alternative medicine, energy healing, esoteric events and more.
The CD offers so much more than a book: graphics, web pages, extra documentary evidence, portraits of personalities and more.
read more, click on the image (right)...

AIDS The most controversial story you've never heard!
Millions are said to be dying of AIDS in Africa and $billions are demanded for research. Yet the HIV virus is a scientific fraud and has never been found, the lies and political wrangling continue and "HIV positive" victims continue to die horribly of the drug AZT peddled by Wellcome. The man who claimed to have discovered the virus has been found guilty of scientific fraud and disgraced - though he continues to make $millions out of his dangerous and misleading HIV test.
The so-called HIV test is so meaningless and has so many false positives, YOU could be HIV positive and suffer all the stigma and disaster that entails [The medical literature lists at least 60 different conditions that can register positive on the HIV-test. These conditions include Candida, arthritis, parasites, malaria, liver conditions, alcoholism, drug abuse, flu, herpes, syphilis, other STDs and pregnancy! What kind of test is that?]
For two decades I have had a saying: if you claim you can heal cancer they will ruin you; if you say you can treat AIDS they will destroy you. That's how ugly, greedy and evil this story has become. Get the core scientific facts from this brilliant article by correspondent Liam Scheff:
Alan Yurko is freed!
Maybe you don't know who Alan Yurko is. He was convicted 5 years ago of shaking his baby to death. This appalling tragedy and injustice was caused by the fact that vaccination filth dumped on young baby systems causes such severe neurological damage that it has been adjudged to be violent abuse by the unfortunate parent.
Not only are the drug companies guilty of criminal lies, science fraud and imperilling human lives but they cleverly get this attributed to other causes, effectively shifting blame and (by the way) getting rid of troublesome parents by having them jailed!
Nice industry!
Friday August 27, 2004. ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) A judge ordered a new trial Friday for a father convicted five years ago of shaking his 10-week-old son to death, citing problems with the autopsy. Lawson criticized the autopsy conducted by Orange-Osceola Medical Examiner Dr. Shashi Gore, who ruled the child was shaken to death. He also said the fact that the autopsy had many problems was newly-discovered evidence. In February, the state Medical Examiner's Commission barred Gore from performing autopsies after it ruled he had committed at least eight mistakes in Alan Ream-Yurko's autopsy. It was the harshest discipline ever in Florida against a chief medical examiner [not nearly harsh enough. KSM].

OPEN MICROPHONE...Vitamin C Has Impact on HealthEven the old straights are coming round to what we've been saying .
People who take daily doses of Vitamin C can boost their immune system, potentially protecting themselves from viruses and colds, according to a study presented at the 60th Anniversary Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI). [these were the dopes who ruthlessly attacked anything alternative KSM, editor] Vitamin C is a nutrient that has been demonstrated to have a substantial impact on human health. Researchers originally proposed that large doses of Vitamin C could decrease the incidence and the severity of the common cold. To determine whether vitamin C can alter the function of the immune system and provide increased protection from viral infection, Susan Ritter, MD, PhD candidate, and Gailen D. Marshall, Jr., MD, PhD, both from the University of Texas Health Science Center, studied the white blood cells of 12 patients before and after each patient took one gram of vitamin C daily for two weeks. Researchers then analyzed the immune cell types present in the blood as well as the ability of these cells to make antiviral compounds. The number of Natural Killer cells (a cell that protects against viruses) in the peripheral blood increased after two weeks of supplementation with Vitamin C. While the number of T cells (also active in antiviral immunity) remained the same, they were more activated following vitamin C supplementation. The T cells also produced significantly more interferon-gamma (an antiviral compound) and less interleukin-4 and interleukin-10 (both of which are associated with allergic disease) after two weeks of supplementation with vitamin C. Researchers concluded that this data suggests an increase in antiviral immunity after two weeks of 1g/day vitamin C supplementation and the possible use of vitamin C to modulate the immune system in people. Of course, Linus Pauling living to a vigorous 90 plus years of age has convinced me that I need more protection than I can get from 1 gram due to the toxic world I live in and the high level of performance I require from my body. Thus, I take at least 4 GM twice daily in my Power Drink as described in great detail on my website. If I am flying around the world I take that dose every 4-6 hours so that I never acquire all the bad viral load found in crowded airplanes. Sincerely,Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)President, Gordon Research Institute
Aware of the shocking prices of medicines, some US states (Illinois, North Dakota, Alabama and Vermont for instance) have taken steps to help their citizens to buy cheaper drugs from Canada. The FDA's response, which works for the drug industry and not the citizens as it is supposed to, was to slag off Canadian-supplied medicines and even described them as "dangerous". This is totally absurd, since they are manufactured by the same people as for the US market. For example, most of Pfizer's anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor is made in Ireland. And it's the same Lipitor that's sold in both U.S. and Canadian pharmacies.
The United States is the only industrialized country without some form of control on the prices of drugs. As a result, medicines sold in the USA are generally about double the cost of any other country. Someone, somewhere, is making a huge additional profit, at the expense of the consumer. In fact the U.S. accounts for more than half of the industry's profits. They are milking the nation, like a cash cow. In order to keep those profits up, the drug companies have joined the FDA in trying to shut down imports from Canada, and Canadian pharmacies are feeling the pressure.
So what would motivate the FDA, which is not in the business of profiting from drugs, to put out an alarm about Canadian drugs? I don't know. But I DO know that former FDA commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan, who personally attacked the safety of Canadian-supplied medicines from his government office, is now head of Medicare and Medicaid!! Well, what a surprise.
In the new Medicare Act, signed and made law by George W. Bush, the federal government is specifically prohibited from negotiating prices with drug companies. That is unconscionable.
"The government of the United States negotiates prices in the Defense Department, in every area of government," says Republican Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. "And here we are, going to spend billions and billions and billions and probably trillions of dollars on pharmaceutical products. And we cannot negotiate the prices with the pharmaceutical industry. That's just not right."
No, it's money talking; not democratic government.
Since 1999, the drug industry has given more than 45 million dollars in political contributions, and it's spent hundreds of millions more on an army of more than 600 lobbyists to work its will on Capitol Hill. Since 1999, these legislators have accepted more than a million and a half dollars in campaign contributions from people working in the pharmaceutical industry. President Bush alone has received more than half a million dollars.
Read the whole disgusting expose in a recent book "The Truth About the Drug Companies." by Dr. Marcia Angell, who was executive editor of The New England Journal of Medicine for 11 years. Isn't it interesting that she is free to tell the truth, now no longer editor of that corrupt industry rag?
Sleepiness and SBD
In the past several years, medical research has shown a strong relationship between sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a general term for breathing problems that happen during sleep. The various kinds of SDB share two kinds of breathing "events": apneas and hypopneas.apnea: a stop in breathing that lasts ten seconds or longer; a medical term from the greek a-, without, + pnea, breathing = without breathing. hypopnea: a 50% or greater decrease in breathing that lasts ten seconds or longer; a medical term from the greek hypo-, under, + pnea, breathing = under-breathing.
Results from the Sleep Heart Health Study (an ongoing, multi-center study funded by the National Institutes of Health) have shown an association between SDB and high blood pressure (hypertension), congestive heart failure (CHF), and stroke. In addition, results from the Wisconsin Cohort Study have shown that people with SDB are more likely to develop high blood pressure.
To improve your sleep, if you suffer SBD, don't use medication. Changing your thought patterns about sleep is far more effective and lasts longer than pills.
LEARNING TO FLY (Finally Loving Yourself)(tip from our correspondent Shivani Arjuna)
Fly Lady is a great website that exists to help folks reclaim their lives from their clutter. When you sign up you will get several daily messages (what, more clutter?) In fact most of them are repeated items to remind the totally buried sufferers to do certain routines at certain times of day, and the rest are really neat (ah so) ideas for decluttering, or testimonials from "Fly Babies" who are truly charged up about the changes in their lives that decluttering is bringing.
If you suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) check out the Fly Lady.
This clutter has a life of its own and as it grows it is slowly stealing yours. None of us are ever going to find any peace as long as we allow this clutter machine to play havoc on our happy little homes. We have all tried to organize our clutter! It doesn't work. You can't clean and have effective routines with clutter standing in your way. Let go of this and find your happiness. Yes, it is hard to let go of your stinking thinking to release items that you might use someday, but your home is not a junk yard, quit treating it as if it is a place to hold on to every single item you have or your parents have owned in your life. It is not true that the person who dies with the most stuff wins. The only truth in this sentence if you turn it around is that the stuff is going to kill you!
You are never going to FLY unless you let go and start to FLING! Get the life-sucking machine out of your home once and for all. Let's face it; we can never recover all the money we have spent on the stuff. It is lost forever. Get over it, forgive yourself for the spending and let this stuff bless someone else for a change instead of draining your life from you. The best part is that you are blessing yourself more by letting it go so you can find the peace you deserve.
The #1 thing shared by those who send in testimonials is how much peace they are experiencing as a result of decluttering. The accounts of how familial relationships are improved are also moving and inspiring. Ah, Feng Sui by any other name would smell as sweet...
Know a chronic clutterbug? Mention the Fly Lady to them.

Told to eat fish. Good for the brain, Grandma said, right? Dead right.
A recent study revealed that omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated fat, may help protect the brain against plaques that are associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease.
Unfortunately, omega-3s in our diet are "squeezed" by overwhelming quantities of omega-6s present in the typical manufactured foods (junk). To balance up and get your daily helping of omega-3s, try these sources: walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds, and soy nuts. Supplements: "Eskimo" or fish oil capsules; flaxseed (linseed) oil capsules. The very best source? Grass fed beef, as you can read on my website:
It's a handy quick tutorial.
"All men dream, but not all equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake to find it was all vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams with open eyes and make things happen."
It's from T E Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), The Seven Pillars of Wisdom; great soldier but a colossal bore as a writer! However I like this quote.

Did you know Sri Lanka was once known as Serendib and gave us the word "serendipity" for happiness and lucky chance? It's that kind of place!Dr Scott-Mumby lived and worked in Sri Lanka when he first produced "Letter from Serendipity"! He now lives in Los Angeles.

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